Unsettling Ring of Lights Reappear Over Minnesota

It appears that a large UFO has made Minnesota its official hunting ground. As you can see in the photos below, this unsettling ring of lights suddenly formed above Stillwater, Shakopee Archery Range, and Jackson Township.

You would think that this is weird on its own, but there have been other documented cases as well. This encounter was reported on September 30 in Bloomington, Minnesota, as opposed to the earlier encounters, which were all seen on September 14 about the same time by different witnesses.

This sighting does differ a bit however, as not only did the couple that saw it see it emerge out of nowhere through the clouds but they also saw it charge straight at them at full speed.

Luckily, they were able to make it out of its range on time but that may be only because they weren’t the targets this time around.

The images demonstrate that this is all the same spooky ring of lights, and you can immediately discern that there is some kind of smaller, dimmer circle inside the lights, demonstrating that this is a real thing rather than merely a phenomenon of light.

Some doubters have attempted to refute the claim that this is simply the Moon’s reflection as it passes through the clouds, however this is impossible given that it was seen in multiple locations at the same time.


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