The Terrifying Secret Inside The Thousand-Year-Old Gold Buddha

History is filled with amazing discoveries, including the case of a monk who mummified himself inside a Buddha statue thousands of years ago, according to Allthatsinteresting.

Specifically, in 2014, researchers in the Netherlands discovered a horrifying secret inside an ancient golden Buddha statue. Accordingly, thanks to CT scanning technology, they discovered inside the Buddha statue a mummy of a dead monk.

The Buddha statue was originally on display at the Drents Museum (Netherlands) and it attracted curiosity when it was discovered that at the bottom of the statue there was something strange made of cloth, unlike the material. construct the statue.

Suspecting that something was hidden inside the statue, the scientists took the Buddha statue to Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort city to conduct a CT scan, in the presence of Buddhist experts. study Erik Brujin.

The results shocked everyone. An almost intact human mummy is located inside a Buddha statue dating from the 11th – 12th centuries.

It is worth noting that the mummy’s ribcage has no organs at all, but is filled with small pieces of paper with medieval characters.

The mummy is said to belong to a Zen master named Liuquan – an extremely enlightened monk in ancient China. Researchers believe that the monk mummified himself inside the Buddha statue.

But even more horrifying is the process the monk may have gone through to embalm himself. According to researchers, this is the most typical example of self-mummification to become “living Buddha” of enlightened monks thousands of years ago.

Centuries ago, a number of Buddhist monks across Asia turned themselves into “living mummies” in preparation for their deaths.

Most of this process involves an extremely austere diet. Specifically, to prevent fat and moisture from causing the body to decompose quickly after death, these monks will eat very, very little.

Sometimes, they only eat plants like pine needles and bark. In other cases, they ate sesame seeds, which are believed to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It takes many years for a monk to complete such austere diets to turn into a “living mummy”. Finally, when they are exhausted and feel death approaching, they will ingest a deadly sap to take their own life. This sap also helps preserve their bodies after death, preventing flies and bugs from leaving the corpse.

Researchers initially thought this was just an ordinary Buddha statue, but CT scan technology helped them uncover a horrifying secret inside. Photo allthatsinteresting

Monk Liuquan is said to have died in 1100. But many mysteries still surround the Buddha statue and the mummy inside the statue. For example, who removed the monk’s organs and filled his body with pieces of paper filled with ancient Chinese messages.

In addition, scholars still do not know how the monk ended up inside the Buddha statue, what happened to his organs, or why his body was filled with ancient messages.

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