NASA Send This Mysterious Alien-Hunting Robot Under The Ice Of Antarctica

NASA is testing a submersible robot beneath the sea ice of Antarctica. looking for extraterrestrial life If the robot is effective, it might one day be used to explore alien waters on other worlds.

This robot is unique in that it can dig through the ice and identify life at any depth. Given that Antarctica has 90% of the world’s ice, this robot will have a lot of work ahead of it.


I’d like to remind you that Hitler dispatched an expedition to Antarctica in 1938 in quest of ancient treasures that he believes have amazing powers.

Scientists, military specialists, construction teams, and important members of the Thule Society, an elite society affiliated with the Nazis that specialized on mysticism and the occult, are reported to be among the 33-member team.

The Thule Society thought that there were mystics or conduits who could interact with these entities who claimed to be extraterrestrial in origin or to be members of a civilization that dwelt deep inside the Earth’s core.

They also provided a wealth of knowledge on the construction of sophisticated aircraft vehicles, such as flying saucers.

It appears that there is an old civilization or sites in Antarctica where they may locate several of these amazing technology.

They discovered vast, technologically advanced cities. These structures were not only on the surface. They descended into the depths of the earth.

Is this what NASA is seeking at the moment?

If this research succeeds, NASA plans to deploy this robot to Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, which contains seas of salty water beneath the ice that might harbor extraterrestrial life.

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