L’OVNI de Levelland, une rencontre rapprochée du deuxième type

This is one of the most famous mass sightings of a UFO, and it was a close encounter of the second kind.

UFOs have become a hotly debated topic in recent months, and a lot has happened positively for the UFO community and the people who have supported it for years. NASA is now officially investigating the phenomenon, although it has denied in the past that it does and ever will. The US Congress has declared UFOs very likely to be extraterrestrial technology and, of course, the Pentagon’s latest UFO office, which has been renamed, is actively studying UFOs/UAPs, including transmedia vehicles. Now that members of the scientific community are applying the scientific method to study the phenomenon, it is interesting to look back at some of the most astonishing UFO reports of recent decades. On this occasion,

In 1957, in Levelland, Texas, one of the most confusing and publicized close encounters of the second kind took place. According to declassified documents, the event triggered more than 300 reports in six days, where people rushed to report what they had seen. Incredibly, their accounts of the event all seemed to agree. A number of respectable witnesses have spoken about the Levelland encounter as it became known. Among them were several Levelland police officers who saw the UFO on November 2, 1957. On November 2, 1957, at around 11 p.m., policeman AJ Fowler was on duty when he received the first of fifteen frantic phone calls that would make an unforgettable moment tonight.

About 6 km west of Levelland, Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz were driving Pedro’s pickup when they noticed a very bright object heading their way. The engine of Pedro’s car began to sputter as the object approached, and the lights went out. Finally, the car stopped. They had been direct witnesses to the effect of a UFO. Eventually, the two men attempted to report the sighting and what had happened. But the call is denied by Officer Fowler, who believes the two men are hallucinating and likely under the influence of alcohol.

Shortly after, Fowler receives a second call from a person who goes by the name of MW. In the middle of the road, the two men are running away. While driving near Whitharral, about four miles east of Levelland, the man encountered a brightly lit egg-shaped object in the middle of the road. His engine stopped, and his headlights failed. Within seconds, the object rose silently to about 60 meters and disappeared. He was terrified. Once his car started up again, he sped off to call Fowler.

But that wasn’t it. This time, Fowler receives a call from a man who was traveling 10 miles (17 km) north of Levelland who spotted an unusual craft landing there. Likewise, his car stalled, and he observed the object for a short time before it rose and disappeared. As soon as the machine left, his car started, he left and called the police. At that moment, Fowler knew something was up. As a teenager, 19-year-old Newell Wright was driving his car 10km east of Levelland when his car’s engine stopped and his headlights went out.

After stopping his car and checking for loose wires under the hood, he suddenly noticed a sharp object on the road ahead of him. His description of the object was that it was about 38 meters long and blue-green in color. He tried to restart his car, but it wouldn’t start. As he sat in his car, he hoped another vehicle would pass. But that didn’t happen.

He waited in his car for a few minutes until the object rose silently and disappeared into thin air. As the student was afraid to make a report, he waited until his parents returned from the trip to inform them. Afterwards, they urged him to report his sightings. During this interview, he made a statement to the sheriff’s office, and his report was included in the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book.

And the story does not end there. Deputy Fowler got another call. It was from a man in a telephone box near Whitharral, who noticed an object sitting in the middle of the road as he drove 15km north of Levelland. Like all the other drivers, his engine did not start, but after the craft took off, it restarted. It was at this point that Fowler became curious and concerned, so he called the other patrol cars nearby and relayed what he heard from various callers.

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As he later explained, “something strange” was going on. Two officers radioed minutes later that they had seen two different flying objects with extremely bright lights, but their engines had not yet caused any problems. Near the location of Saucedo’s initial sighting, a man driving west from Levelland sees a large orange ball approaching. In his testimony, the man describes this unknown machine landing gently about half a km from the road. Also, this driver shared an interesting tidbit. Upon landing on the road, the orange craft turned blue-green.

The craft also covered the entire width of the road. The glow of the craft illuminated the cabin of his truck after landing, and he sat there after his truck’s engine failed. Eventually the craft took off and departed. Although he did not report at the time of the sighting, this person did report the following day. Fowler eventually received reports from two law enforcement officers regarding the sighting of the object. Deputy McCullough and Sheriff Clem, who were receiving constant updates from Fowler, noticed a “large glowing object” crossing the freeway. Using radio calls from Fowler, the two officers attempt to track the object.

As the object passed over the highway, both officers described it as looking like a large red sun illuminating the path below. And that’s where Folwer’s reports stop. The unusual craft was seen by at least 15 observers, Fowler would later say. According to him, some of them were extremely scared, and others were legitimately excited. Due to the unusually high number of witnesses to the events of Levelland, the theory that an unusual craft was in this area for at least two and a half hours has only grown in popularity. This is one of the most compelling cases of a UFO encounter, due to the dramatic reports of road landings.

Despite investigations, the event was never explained. Discover below the interview of one of the witnesses. If the video is not displayed, click here. (Access the declassified Project Blue Book report on the Levelland UFO by clicking here ).

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