Is the Universe a “fully conscious organism”?

For hundreds of years, many philosophers and scientists have puzzled over whether the Universe is aware of its own existence. As if it were a living organism.

This method has gained popularity in recent years, especially within the scientific community. Obviously, it is difficult to prove this, but it is still valid to ask: is it possible that the Universe has a consciousness?

The Universe… does it have a consciousness?

The concept of panpsychism suggests that the Universe is, in fact, a fully conscious entity and that stars and other celestial bodies have the ability to think and direct their destinies.
One of the main scientists supporting this theory is Gregory Matloff, a physicist from New York City College of Technology.

Matloff published a related paper suggesting that a “proto-consciousness field” could span the entire Universe and that, like humans, the entire cosmos could be aware of itself and all the events surrounding it. Including life on planets, black holes, meteorites and death of stars.

For Matloff, there is very clear evidence of this phenomenon, especially the fleeting jets emitted by stars pointing in a single direction. An unbalanced process that could cause the star to alter its motion, an action that may be a deliberate process.

Other scientific work

The work of physicist Sir Roger Penrose, which he developed 30 years ago, was the cornerstone of today’s interest in panpsychism.

The physicist put forward the idea that the Universe is in fact an organism rooted in the statistical rules of quantum physics in relation to the microscopic spaces between neurons in the brain. Thus, being a conscious organism.

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This idea was taken up by German physicist Bernard Haisch, who said that quantum fields in empty space are responsible for transmitting consciousness. This is not only true for the human brain, but also for any type of complex structure.

It is possible that in the distant future, as a species, we may be able to find a way to understand or maintain a connection with even a tiny part of the Universe. Perhaps then we will be able to resolve all the existential doubts that exist about the vastness of the universe and about our own existence.

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