From sighting to contact, the complexity of the UFO phenomenon

Even in desolate Antarctica, UFOs regularly and spectacularly manifest

Credits: NATGEO

With this author it was no different. My dream of going to Antarctica started when I was a boy, on a starry winter night, lying on a pile of coffee on the terreiro of Fazenda Belo Horizonte, in Cristais Paulista (SP). I caught, at that moment, the meaning of the words written by the great aviator and explorer Admiral Richard Byrd, about the feeling of communion with the cosmos that possessed him when he contemplated the star-filled firmament of the long polar night in Antarctica. Using Morse code, which I learned when I was 13, I was thrilled to follow the US Navy expedition that Byrd had commanded in 1946 on the farm’s radio. And I dreamed that one day I would go to the Frozen Continent.

I studied, prepared, acquired professional competence in meteorology and, at the age of 30, the US Navy, through a companion of Byrd, also Admiral George Dufek, invited me to accompany two missions of Operation Deep Freeze [Ice Deep]. The first, between January and April 1961, I traveled on the icebreaker Glacier, which departed New Zealand and explored an unknown sector of the coast of Antarctica. On the second, I left New Zealand again, but by plane, and in November 1961 I visited the three bases held by the United States in Antarctica, McMurdo, Byrd and Amundsen-Scott. Later, between 1982 and 2000, I made another 10 trips — nine of them in the service of the Brazilian Antarctic Program and one on the sailboat Rapa Nui, in support of Amyr Klink’s Antarctic wintering project.

youth dreams

These 12 trips far surpassed my wildest youth dreams. What I never imagined, however, was that the first one would introduce me to the cosmic mysteries behind the flying saucers. In the same way, I never dreamed that the first Brazilian expedition would result in the knowledge of an important character for our research on the alien presence on Earth. Interestingly, the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, the Brazilian base on the icy continent destroyed in 2012, would be installed precisely where, 23 years earlier, I had spotted my first UFO. I even think that UFO events do not happen by chance. As one of the extraterrestrial beings who contacted the young Eromar Gomes said, a case about which we will talk later, “there are no facts called coincidences about the earth’s crust”.

In other articles published by Revista UFO I have already given a detailed description of the sighting that took place in March 1961 [See issue UFO 177, now available in full at], so here I will only give a brief summary. of what I witnessed. It was a multicolored and luminous oval object, around 6 m in size, with a long cylindrical tail and short V-shaped rays, or light bars, in front. The artifact was at about 200 m, in horizontal and slow flight at approximately 80 km/h, in total silence. At one point, it split into two symmetrical parts and disappeared.

Few people were on the ship’s deck at the time and there were only five more witnesses out of the 280 people on board. Some sailors thought it could be a rocket warhead re-entering the atmosphere, others that it would be a signal rocket and one of them that it would be a meteorite – I did not agree with any of the explanations and was surprised by the lack of perception of those men in relation to details. How could it be a meteorite exploding, if in the unfolding both pieces were equal and oval and had the lateral rays? Despite the sudden increase in luminosity, there was no projection of matter, as would happen in an explosion.



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