Meagan Quezet’s Repressed Desires

Sex and Ufology seem like an unrealistic mix, but there are concrete cases of sexual contact between humans and aliens.

Credits: UFO Team

For many psychologists, sexual contacts with aliens are nothing more than allusions to socially repressed desires. A notorious example is that of Meagan Quezet, a 30-year-old South African housewife, married to Paul, of French origin, with whom she had two children: Gary, 8, and André, 12. Meagan had dropped out of a nursing course because of her family, residing in Mindalore, a suburb of Krugersdorp, a mining town about 26 km from Johannesburg. The houses were not large, but modern and attractive. The streets were wide and paved and surrounded by a mountain range that offered a panoramic view of the area, from which manganese, iron and asbestos were extracted. A uranium factory had been installed on the perimeter. Cynthia Hind interviewed her on January 12, 1979.

At 11:50 pm on Wednesday, January 3, Meagan was sitting in the living room finishing a book, when André came in complaining that he couldn’t sleep, for which he suggested I make him a cup of tea. At that, Cheeky, the stray dog, who was recovering from being hit by a car, began barking furiously and slipped out the gate. Not wanting to disturb the neighbors, Meagan asked André to help her lock him back in the garage—the house was halfway up Saul Jacobs Street. About 12 m ahead was a newly opened street that connected to the industrial area.

pink diffused light

Nearby, Meagan spotted Cheeky, who was barking and was now joined in chorus by the surrounding dogs. A diffused pink light glowed at the top of the road. Meagan commented to André: “Look, there’s already light up there”. The boy, who used to walk along the road, found that strange, as there were no streetlights there. Meagan thought then that it could be a small crashed plane and decided to check if anyone needed help. “As we got closer, I saw right away that it wasn’t a plane. It looked so weird. We didn’t understand what was going on. But as a nurse, I felt I could help by providing first aid. If necessary, I would call an ambulance,” he declared.

The thing, whatever it was, was encapsulated in a bright, pink light. André made a drawing in which two lights can be distinguished, one on each side of the door, and one on top of the object. In Meagan’s description, it “was a lead gray egg about 3.5 m high and 5 m wide, cut in a straight line at the bottom, supported on four legs about 1.2 m high. spider-like.” At the time it seemed to him to be “some sort of unusual aerial device in the testing phase”, and not a flying saucer. “You know, I didn’t believe in that sort of thing and I’d never read anything about it.”

Interestingly, this ship is practically identical to the one that kidnapped the night watchman Antonio Carlos Ferreira at dawn on June 28, 1979, as we saw earlier. Meagan continues: “Six men walked out the door. Two moved to the left side of the ship, two stayed close to the center and two came towards us.” André saw one of the men on the left bend down and scoop up sand, which he let slip gently through his fingers.



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