When Ufology goes to court and is resolved in Brazilian courts

ET Bilu in one of his ridiculous and discredited appearances. Everyone knows that the figure is just Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira himself


In recent years, Ufology has been occupying more and more spaces in the public debate and that tendency to belittle or even ridicule the extraterrestrial hypothesis has been losing strength. There are more people interested in UFOs and there are also more people able to do research on the subject. However, one of the consequences of this increase in Ufology’s popularity is also a greater amount of disagreements between ufologists and enthusiasts, especially when one side does not employ the necessary rigor and seriousness and tries to obtain personal advantages dissociated from ethics.

In such cases, the disagreement may reach the legal sphere. We already have some examples of disputes involving Ufology that needed to be resolved in Brazilian Justice. It is interesting to observe these cases in more detail to see if there is any tendency in the treatment given to Ufology, which also occupies this space. At the same time, it may be possible to understand to what extent the Judiciary can be an important tool to combat fraud in the UFO environment. Thus, we selected two cases that help to illustrate the type of legal clashes that can occur involving issues related to Brazilian Ufology, both sponsored by the author of this essay, as a lawyer for Revista UFO.

ET Bilu versus Gevaerd

The most recent history in which Ufology was brought up for discussion in Brazilian Justice is also one of the most unusual. This is because a character long known in the ufological environment, accused of using tricks to simulate contact with extraterrestrials — his most famous case is ET Bilu — and who recently adhered to more eccentric theories about the shape of planet Earth, having received , unbelievably, a surprising tribute from the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul on account of these same activities. This is Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, who has been on the news since the 90s, when he already claimed to have contacts with aliens.

He claimed to be able to attract spacecraft and make them land on his farm, near Campo Grande (MS). A lot of people went there to check it out, but the general impression was that of a great illusionism show, with maneuvers made by laser pens and lighthouses. Oliveira also started selling lots on a property and profiting from them, under the allegation that there would be a well-protected extraterrestrial city, which is now called Zigurat. It wouldn’t be long before accusations of the most varied illegalities appeared, among them the discovery, by the editor Revista UFO AJ Gevaerd, that the property he was selling wasn’t even his — this ended up taking him to jail in Porto Alegre.

It is also known that Oliveira attributed to himself the ability to cure people, including serious diseases, such as cancer and AIDS — just with the touch of his hands, tumors would be extracted, the guru said miraculously. He even went so far as to say in lectures that he would even be able to resurrect people. Many people sought his treatment, but they did not find a cure. From then on, Oliveira was also accused of being a healer. There is, in fact, a large dossier of accusations against Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, coming from several people who were harmed by him. The UFO Magazine maintains a vast amount of material in this regard, with complaints related to various illicit acts. There are even reports of some discovering hoaxes being victims of serious threats.

The ET who was a cat

The case for which Oliveira is best known by the population to this day, however, took place in 2009. He is, after all, the man behind the infamous ET Bilú, the folkloric “entity” that would have appeared in his lands. , in Mato Grosso do Sul, and which became the subject of television reports and a lot of mockery for him. The creature would only appear at night, in the middle of the woods and, with a child’s voice, would leave messages, being the best known and becoming the classic “seek knowledge”. The supposed alien’s advice was followed, images of his sightings were sent to experts and they concluded that it was gross fraud. ET Bilu would be Bilu himself, who, in disguise, held a flashlight and performed various tricks. Although the case was so absurd, it was a good laugh,



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