Island in Maranhão was a laboratory for the study of humanity

Reports of UFO sightings on João Donato Island are countless, a wealth for research


The research that I will present was practically imposed when we were informed of the existence of ufological events observed throughout the 70’s involving a small population that inhabited the Ilha de João Donato, located in a natural dam in the municipality of Palmeirândia, in the interior of the Maranhao. I was on the island in 2016 and 2017. Also in 2017 I announced the beginning of this field investigation at the XVIII Congress of Ufology, in Curitiba, promoted by Revista UFO. The maturing of the study of this casuistry leads us, today, to publish its in-depth study.

In the 1970s, Ilha de João Donato was completely isolated from the mainland. There was no electricity, gas or running water. The living conditions of that time still persist, with few advances, such as electric light, which scared the UFOs away. Today, the site is connected to the mainland by two grounded paths. About 15 families inhabited the island in relative genetic and cultural isolation, configuring the situations that I will develop in this article and that interested, for 10 years, one or several supposedly extraterrestrial intelligences present in people’s daily lives at that time, something much rarer these days. of today.

The ufological events that drew attention consisted of sightings of a luminous manifestation that witnesses call a “star”, “device” or “torch” to describe what always seems to be the same type of device with intelligent behavior, like a star that seems to be permanently dwelling in the island sky.

The witnesses’ report

It is the matriarch of the Abreu Family, Ires, who will tell us about the closeness of the light on herself and her husband, Silvino: “I will only tell you what I know. There was a pond with fish at the kitchen door and I went to wash the dishes at the pond’s edge. When I got there, I looked and that star was passing by. I thought: ‘look at the star that everyone says’. When I finished washing the dishes, I lifted my head and a flaming torch came on top of me. I yelled and those in the kitchen yelled ‘what’s up, what’s up?’ Guys, it was a fire that came on top of me. Surely it was a star I saw!”.

When asked if the light was like fire and if it was hot, Ires Abreu said: “No, it was a light on top of me, a big light, so close that I almost fell. I screamed, people screamed, then the light disappeared”. The witness said that she didn’t have any physical sensation caused by the light, but that she was scared: “When it came at me, I thought: ‘is this animal going to eat me?’”. She told us that her husband also had a sighting: “It was just this one time with me. Now, a few days later, my husband had gone to another pond outside the house—he would go to see the fish in the pond every night. When he went, he saw the star, but he didn’t believe it, because we told him and he didn’t believe us. He went with his head down. When he lifted up his head came that flaming torch.”

Unlike the frequent reports from all over the world about lights that materialize in spaceships, on João Donato Island the observed crew members came within the light itself. Rosa Abreu was still a child when she had the experience, but she never forgot what she had seen 40 years earlier. She says: “On the island we used to get water from the well, but wash the dishes at the edge of the tank”. Usually it was she, the eldest of the sisters, and the other smaller ones who did the job. Let’s see her story:

“And there was the story of the machines that were taking blood from people and I was watching to see if he came. The girls were washing dishes and I was watching. Then, when I saw it, a light came from afar. It was like a ball. Inside that ball was the first time in my life that I saw a dwarf. Inside there was no dwarf. I saw a white gentleman, bald, this ‘small’ like that. There were two, but what I really remember was this little guy inside the fireball. Only it didn’t get hot. It was at a close height. It was also the first time I saw an aluminum ladder, because inside there was only a wooden ladder. The little dwarf was pulling out a ladder to go down. Then I started screaming: ‘the device, children, the device!’”



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