Encounters between Romanian military pilots and flying saucers

During the chase, Barbutiu and a sergeant saw an unidentified flying object coming towards them from the village of Deveselu.


Since the Second World War, when the mysterious balls of light appeared that accompanied and sometimes passed through war aircraft on both sides of the conflict, which civilian and military pilots came to have with the company of UFOs during their travels. Sometimes, the presence of unidentified objects put people’s lives at risk, although as far as we know there have been very few cases of serious accidents as a result of these encounters.

All over the world, there are cases of military pilots who have had encounters with UFOs, in the most diverse circumstances, even though these encounters have often been omitted by the authorities. Romania, a country that for decades was part of the Soviet Union, was no different. And as with pilots from several other countries, Romanians refrained from commenting on these incidents in public, which explains the fact that we only know of a few of these cases, all of which took place before 1993 and reported by retired pilots.

UFO over the airport

Here it is important to point out that during the years of the so-called Iron Curtain, the country was the scene of several sightings both on land and in the air, although people were ashamed to talk about it, as the matter was considered “a thing for ignorant people”. On the other hand, the government took the matter very seriously and even formed a commission to study it. In this article we will know some cases reported by Romanian pilots.

Commander Mihai Barbutiu, a retired Romanian Air Force (FAR) pilot, began flying in 1951. On a summer night in 1957, he was appointed night officer at Caracal Deveselu Airport, the main airfield in the city of Craiova. His duty was to provide assistance if something abnormal happened. At one point, the commander was informed that an unidentified target had been seen on the radar — a Mig-17 fighter piloted by Captain Adalbert Bodis was sent to intercept it. Barbutiu could hear his colleague informing him that he had located the target on the radar and that after a while he could no longer see it.

During the chase, Barbutiu and a sergeant saw an unidentified flying object coming towards them from the village of Deveselu above the railway. Thinking it might be a foreign military plane, they both hid under the station, which was actually a flight management point located on a six-wheel truck parked near the runway.

Looking up, they saw a circular light with a diameter between 50 and 100 m. It was an unreal light and so powerful that “you could see every plant in the garden around it. But it was impossible to see the shape of the light source, as if you were looking into a projector,” said the commander. The light lasted about 20 seconds. Afterwards, the object departed to the east. Barbutiu still couldn’t make out its shape and so he called his colleague Bodis on the radio, informing him that the artifact had passed directly over the airport, heading for the city of Slatina. Bodis tried to find him, but to no avail. Barbutiu was not asked to make any official reports, but witnesses were advised not to discuss the incident.



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