Are human-alien hybrids more awake individuals?

The suspicion that Homo sapiens sapiens is a hybrid species is nothing new in terms of what we understand as human DNA anomalies.


Who we are? This simple question hides a universe of possibilities and theories. There are those who say that we are all gods, and there are those who say that we are just the work of chance – and none of us would be able to answer with absolute certainty where we are between these two extremes. Research on human DNA anomalies suggests that Homo sapiens sapiens is a hybrid species, a mix between terrestrial beings and non-human or exogenous Earth intelligences.

This assumption emerged from a wide variety of sources, from geneticists willing to reveal the truth to anthropological and mythological studies of humanity, in addition to the reports of individuals who had contact with such exogenous Earth intelligences. In this article, we explore how this aspect of the UFO phenomenon becomes a problem when individuals have a conscious sense of their hybridization and relate this to what they perceive as a heritage of alien-human miscegenation.

The extraterrestrial presence

The suspicion that Homo sapiens sapiens is a hybrid species is nothing new in terms of what we understand as human DNA anomalies. However, what is more recent in this study is the amount of people who identify very deeply with what they see as a hybrid nature, and feel a deep connection to the non-human intelligences they interacted with. The perception of being different from other human beings for being a hybrid has manifested itself globally in children, youth and adults. Some believe this is a possible threat to our humanity. However, for others it suggests that humanity is awakening to its true origin and part of our evolving human consciousness is reconnecting with our true cosmic heritage.

Information based on anthropological and sociological accounts indicates that Earth has been visited by other cosmic species for millennia on end. As an example, we cite the West African Dogon tribe, which specifically mentions that the god Nummo shared his DNA with humans.

Shannon Dorey, author of The Master of Speech. Trafford, 2003], revealed that, based on his research into the oral history of the Dogon, Nummo created humans from genetic engineering. This information is based on anthropologist Marcel Griaule’s study of the Dogon tribe, entitled Conversations With Ogotemmeli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas. International African Institute, 1975]. In the text, Ogotemmeli explains how Nummo found “the Earth naked and voiceless” and wanted to put an end to this chaos by mixing his DNA with that of land animals.

Ancient religious and lay texts mention unidentified flying chariots and how the gods interbred with the natives on Earth. The late biblical scholar Zecharia Sitchin, in his series of books Earth Chronicles, the first volume of which is The 12th Planet [Best Seller, 1976], translating the Sumerian texts, relates the gods as extraterrestrials — called the Anunnaki by the Sumerians — who lived on the Earth and modified human DNA.

There are many other references to star visitors in ancient texts, and even the Bible makes this intriguing statement: “Then God said: We will create human beings, they will be like us and like us.” The question that arises is: who was this we of the text. Is the Creator using a majestic language? We think it is most likely that the text was referring to the gods or, in modern parlance, to non-terrestrial intelligences.


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