A UFO Journey in the Amazon

The truth is that cases involving the lollipop phenomenon, the presence of strange lights and mysterious devices are spread across communities.


Important for the ecological balance of the planet and fundamental for the climatic balance of Brazil, the Amazon Forest is the greatest wealth of our country for everything it contains and represents. It is also of indescribable beauty and full of secrets that we may never know. One of the last intact forests on Earth, it arouses passions around the world and is seen by many as something that must be preserved in favor of humanity. As if all this were not enough, the region is also the scene of numerous ufological occurrences, such as one of the most famous events in the history of Ufology, which took place in the late 70s.

Named Operation Prato, the case involved the presence of military personnel from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and numerous civilian witnesses who were victims of the famous “chupa-chupa” phenomenon, which consisted of the removal of human blood by means of rays of light coming from of UFOs or “devices”, as they were called in the region. The fact, which until today remains being researched by different ufologists, became public when the commander of the operation, Colonel Uyrangê Hollanda, granted an interview to the editor of the UFO Magazine A. J Gevaerd and to the then co-editor Marco Petit, in which he detailed what had observed during his mission in the Amazon.

The events researched by Operação Prato took place in the states of Pará and Maranhão, but also extended to Amazonas. The truth is that cases involving the lollipop phenomenon, the presence of strange lights and mysterious devices are spread across all riverside communities in the region — and they join the many other stories involving lights and strange beings that already existed in the forest. Gevaerd is the Brazilian ufologist who most researched UFO occurrences in the Amazon, a place he visits on average twice a year, having gone to different areas of the forest to talk to riverside people and investigate cases more than 20 times. And every time he announces that he’s going somewhere to research, a lot of people want to join him. Therefore, the editor decided to organize the trips and launched the website www.viajecomgevaerd.com.br,

Aliens in the Amazon

News about what is happening in the Amazon region and also the displacement there were not as easy a few decades ago as they are today, which kept many researchers away from the possibility of investigating in loco the allegations that reached scholars. For the co-editor of UFO Magazine Toni Inajar Kurowski, “it is possible to find impressive stories in the region and it is believed that the flyover, landing and sightings of UFO crew in the area date back many centuries, long before Europeans arrived in Brazil. Researchers realized that our natives had already created their own names for the sightings of probes and flying saucers, which were often interpreted as being animals and birds.”

Also according to the researcher, members of several indigenous nations and riverside caboclos see strange “flying canoes” descending from the sky and add these events to legends that have been perpetuated for countless generations, justifying the folkloric and religious character with which many people still treat this theme. The region overflows with stories. And it was precisely these, together with the occurrences of Operation Prato, that led the editor of UFO to make periodic trips to the region — he spends a few days in the forest, following the development of the reports he has already collected and also meeting new witnesses and collecting new cases.


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