Watched over by aliens in space and on the moon

Artistic illustration based on photos of a cylindrical object recorded near Gemini 11. The spacecraft in the photo is Gemini 10

Credits: Rafael Amorim

For decades, ufologists from all over the planet have sought information and evidence about UFO sightings during US space missions. Despite getting a few photographs, statements from astronauts and short snippets of dialogue during these space encounters, they kept the hope that one day they could get to know these cases more deeply. Behold, after a long time, the work and patience of ufologists were rewarded thanks to the initiative of independent agencies that had access to the original photo negatives of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs.

There are tens of thousands of photographs scanned in very high resolution and made available for free on websites, such as the Flickr Apollo Archives and Tothemoon [See links in the box], launched in the second half of 2015. In addition to these two collections, the Space Agency North- American (NASA) has declassified full transcripts of communications held on missions by three space programs, making them available on the Johnson Space Center website. Now, such collections allow us to know hundreds of UFO events that took place in space, which were previously omitted by the space agency, and are also unknown to the World UFO Community.

the first records

The Mercury program was NASA’s first manned space project, which aimed to ensure American space superiority over the then Soviet Union — each capsule had the capacity to perform maneuvers in Earth orbit, with only one astronaut on board. It has been known since the 1960s that astronauts in this program had sightings of UFOs in space, a fact confirmed by their own members and by two photographs of a strange elongated artifact, obtained during the Mercury 7 mission, which ended up being leaked to the press.

Now, with the publication of the photos of the mission, it is possible to know these facts and many others. In the photographic collection available on the Tothemoon website, there are photographs obtained during the Mercury program and several of them record UFOs. These images are quite interesting, as they show that the intelligences behind these ships do indeed accompany our steps in space exploration. Already in the first missions there were records of UFOs, as shown in the photo MR-2-13009-176, from Mercury 2. In the photo we can see the presence of two luminous objects of greenish color accompanying the space capsule.

In another photograph, this one from the Mercury 3 mission, there is a pen marking with the identification of the photo and a sign pointing to an elongated, bluish luminous object positioned at a higher altitude than the capsule, as if it was monitoring the process of space launch. This suggests that the NASA technician who developed the images was impressed by the presence of such an artifact. And although these photographs already attracted attention for their quality and sharpness, others even more impressive were obtained later. This is the case of an image taken on the Mercury 4 mission, in July 1961. The photo MA-4-4713-075 registers the Earth’s surface and, against the blue of the Pacific Ocean, a solid object of circular shape. Even the light and shadow patterns of the clouds and the object are coincident,



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