An impressive sexual experience with extraterrestrials in the interior of Paraná

In addition to non-consensual sex, aliens also insert implants into abductees.


On April 13, 1979, an incredible occurrence of abduction occurred with the brothers Jocelino de Mattos, then an electrician at the age of 19, and Roberto Carlos, a student at the age of 13. It was already close to midnight and both were coming from their mother’s house. sister, a few blocks from their home, where they had gone to watch a mass broadcast on TV — it was Good Friday and, at the same time, Friday the 13th. They were walking along a dirt road in the Jardim Alvorada neighborhood, then bordering the Paraná city of Maringá, when they were surprised by a bright “star” that was approaching and increasing in size. Mentally forced to deviate from their path, they ended up entering a plowed cultivation area and there they fainted under a large tree that stood alone in the middle of an immense field.

In their conscious narration, the last thing they remember is that the “star” had turned out to be a huge blinding light that lurked behind the tree, right in front of the brothers—they were hypnotically drawn into the desolate place. Subjected to numerous sessions of regressive hypnosis, commanded by the editor of the UFO Magazine AJ Gevaerd and performed by the doctor Oswaldo Álves, Jocelino described that after a few minutes on the ground he felt that someone took his arms and carried him floating into the spacecraft, through a bottom opening. According to his recorded testimony, obtained separately from that given by his brother, the beings took a tour of the ship beside him, showing him various compartments and explaining the operation of various machines. During the tour inside the UFO, Joscelin and two of his abductors arrived in a room that looked like a hospital bed, filled with equipment that resembled medical use. Then a humble electrician, Jocelino described the instruments as he had worked in the installation of similar devices in institutions in his city.

Semen collection by suction

The abductee ended up lying on a bed and the extraterrestrials proceeded to examine him, leading to the collection of skin, hair and blood samples. Soon after, his penis was placed in a suction device that had attached a bag that looked like it was made of cellophane – this involved the removal and storage of a sample of his seminal fluid. After a few minutes, a woman entered the room where Jocelino was and began to caress his body. He naturally got aroused and she opened a compartment in her one-piece jumpsuit at her hips so they could have sex. “It wasn’t pleasant and I didn’t understand how I was doing it,” the young man said, describing a common scene in alien abductions, in which the kidnappers evidently command their victims’ emotions to do what they] .


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