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Peculiar UFO Observed Moving In Night Sky Over Indian Village

Residents of a village in India observed a bright UFO moving curiously across the night sky. Despite the low quality record, the object aroused curiosity among the inhabitants and the media.

A strange glowing object was seen moving back and forth over a village in India and the sighting proved to be so peculiar that it attracted considerable media attention in the country. The intriguing sighting reportedly took place on the night of Sunday, September 18, in the community of Kanglatongbi, where several witnesses observed the curious anomaly in the night sky.

An individual managed to film the strange scene and the footage subsequently went viral on social media in India. In the video, a luminous UFO can be seen floating back and forth in the area as puzzled spectators try to discern what they are seeing.

Watch a report above, with the footage of the luminous object.
Source: Northeast Live

Perhaps due to the viral nature of the UFO sighting, the incident ended up receiving extensive coverage by an Indian media outlet, which played the video and pondered what the object could have been. To that end, the television show subsequently interviewed an eyewitness to the event.

He described it as a bright light measuring approximately 2.5m in diameter and theorized that it was possibly a focused light, pointed at the sky, or perhaps a drone that had been deployed to look for possible drug trafficking. However, to date, the anomaly remains unidentified.

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