“Government agent wanted me to include alien secrets in TV show,” says producer

Scene from Dark Skies that, in principle, would contain ufological truths disguised in the midst of fiction.
Credits: Paul Drinkwater

Hollywood producer Bryce Zabel said a “United States government agent” asked him to weave some real-life revelations about aliens into a science fiction show to prepare audiences for the existence of extraterrestrials.

A new, verified article in The Daily Star appears to confirm a story that’s been hinted at before – the story of what Bryce Zabel claims happened at the 1996 launch party for the Dark Skies show. Zabel claims that a person he had never seen before came up to him at the party and introduced himself as “JC” Trailers and information about the show were already being released. “They were looking at a disclosure scenario, something like, ‘How would this secret become known to the public?’

JC told him that the government was planning to release information about UFOs and extraterrestrials to the public, and he wanted to use “Dark Skies” to help with that, being a realistic precursor that could “condition” the public to be ready to accept these revelations when the government decided to release them. Zabel already knew that upcoming episodes would feature such revelations – one of them being John Loengard testifying to the Warren Commission about Majestic 12’s involvement in the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.

“The president just can’t go out and say, ‘Here’s everything,’ all at once. So they wanted to see more of the truth through fiction.” For example, JC wanted Zabel to write situations that – for lack of a better word – leak some truth about UFOs and aliens through the fictional scenes of “Dark Skies”. Yes, this first-class party gathering was starting to sound like an episode of the show — something that didn’t go unnoticed by Brent V. Friedman, co-creator and co-producer of Zabel. “I can’t tell you how surreal that was. They wanted to help us come up with some story ideas.”

Bryce Zabel claims to have been approached by a government agent “requesting” him to include secret information about UFOs and aliens on his TV show.
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Friedman, also at the premiere party, said JC and his “associates” in government knew they hadn’t filmed the rest of the season or even written the rest of the episodes, so there was the perfect opportunity to step in and direct the directors. Friedman felt they weren’t looking for anything too big or obvious in the script changes. “JC told me, ‘It’s a drip system…get the truth out in small ways.’”

JC was obviously aware of how hot interest in the paranormal/UFO was among viewers in the 1990s. However, the series was canceled before the end of the initial 18-episode season due to low ratings. Did JC miscalculate the potential popularity of “Dark Skies”? It is possible – we have already seen that the government is not very good at collecting accurate data from research in other fields. Or did they decide that the American public was not ready for UFO disclosure or conditioning to accept real truths about extraterrestrials?

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