New Ufos – Aliens

Extraterrestriology, a new approach to meeting ETs

The introductory aspects of Extraterrestriology are important for establishing the foundations of this science.


Ufology has proven to be extremely helpful and proactive with regard to the extraterrestrial debate, with information seeking, data gathering, interviewing abductees, publishing significant material, and paying attention to difficult questions. In this bias, we have much to be thankful for and encourage for research to continue, in order to reveal what many still consider science fiction.There are several ways to approach the alien presence on Earth, one of which is Ufology. But another, the one proposed here, is through the eyes of Extraterrestriology. That’s what we’ll be dealing with in this article. Rather, it is important to emphasize that they are complementary, each one focusing on its study methodology, on its own paradigm. It can be said that they are different ways of dealing with the same subject — it is interesting to bring this other bias so that people can broaden their field of vision and decide which is the best way of interpretation for them. This freedom and expansion of the vision of ufological phenomenology helps to further foster the debate on extraterrestrials, enriching the content of the discussion. Finally, Extraterrestriology can present itself as one of the ways to search for answers.

fortified foundations

The introductory aspects of Extraterrestriology are important for establishing the foundations of this science. In front of the fortified foundations, it is possible to deepen the knowledge so that we can question and change the bases proposed so far, as it is a conscientiological science, that is, one that studies consciousness and its various forms of manifestation. Your first principle is disbelief — don’t believe anything others say, have your own experiences. After that, inform yourself through cutting-edge knowledge, a margin by which you can change what you had as truth until then. Without this, there is no growth of content or knowledge within Extraterrestriology.

So that distortions do not occur in the concepts, and in order to delimit the present content for better understanding, we continue with some definitions. It is understood as extraterrestrial any consciousness that does not have direct links with the Earth, therefore, outside it or simply extraterrestrial. This connection occurs through reincarnation on the planet or through a series of existences that involve reincarnation and the adoption of the human form as it is conceived today, thus covering the intraphysical contingent, or earthly plane, and extraphysical, or spiritual or multidimensional plane.

Faced with the literality of the word, we are all extraterrestrials in relation to the extraphysical aspect. However, to broaden the understanding and avoid this kind of confusion, for extraphysical purposes, consciousness is considered to be terrestrial when it has some reincarnation link with Earth — consciousnesses that do not reincarnate here, but help in planetary evolution, are considered to be terrestrial. as having an assistance link.

The concept and its ramifications

Extraterrestriology aims to study the different consciential levels, which, by the way, we all have, as we are on an evolutionary journey, being able to find ourselves closer to the more evolved or less evolved consciousnesses, both intraphysical and extraphysical. The fact of being extraterrestrial does not mean at all that it is a more evolved, cosmoethical consciousness, that is, that it has an ethic beyond the human, but a cosmic, universal ethic.


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