Bob Lazar: Ancient History is Hidden From The Public

Bob Lazar was right, the U.S. Military has recovered wreckage from off-world vehicles not made of this earth and one of the recovered wreckage is the UFO that crashed in Roswell in 1947 as well as they found the alien crew from which three aliens didn’t survive the crash. The surviving alien was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base where it stayed for about nine months before it passed away.

The Roswell UFO crash is perhaps the biggest UFO cover up in history but over the years eyewitnesses told what they had witnessed and all stated that they had seen the surviving alien too.

Read the report Eye-Witnesses’ accounts of the Surviving Alien in which the eyewitnesses tell in detail about the surviving alien that walked away from the crash. All the witnesses stated the same; The being was child-size, four feet, maybe a little more, no hair, and a large head and big eyes shaped like tear-drops, the arms were a bit longer, and the skin was ashy, gray and kind of scaly.

What’s more, Bob Lazar said that wreckage were found in an archeological dig, meaning some of these things are ancient. I believe these flying saucers and other craft come from the antediluvian age, or as the world knows it, the age of the lost city of Atlantis.

My guest today, Timothy Alberino says the answer to all these things is found in the Bible and also the ancient book of Enoch, one of the oldest books in the world, which is said to be a historical account of the antediluvian era and a record of a lost civilization.

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