New Ufos – Aliens


In Pinerolo the old hand down the story of a mysterious light that, in ancient times, even before the war, followed people at night in dark and lonely country roads, they called it “the culerc” – “… It was like a ball luminous round, not so big, like a pumpkin, it had a pale and yellowish light, someone says it looked like an eye, others described it as a big butt … it was not clear … It floated in the air at low height from land, it went slowly behind the peasants who at home returned home from field work, never approached, always stood at the same distance, if one stopped, even the light stopped …

. People didn’t pay any attention, but they were afraid of it, woe to try to take it … To make it go away it was necessary to leave something on the ground, an offer: an apple, a piece of bread, etc. something … Then the light disappeared and no longer followed the people … “.

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