Bernie Sanders Tells Joe Rogan He’ll Declassify Alien Files As President

“I Want To Believe”

During an appearance Tuesday on the show Joe Rogan Experience , presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised that he would make public all information regarding extraterrestrial life during his term.

Anyway, there’s no need to raid Area 51 because Sanders says he’ll do it for us. The rest of the podcast dealt with Sanders’ stance on more pressing issues like gun and drug laws, according to CNET , and it’s very likely that Sanders was joking about that alien stuff. If you want to get technical, chances are he won’t divulge anything anyway.

Home telephone

But Sanders told Rogan he would be compelled to release any information regarding the aliens.

“My wife asked me to let you know ,” he said, before promising to break the news on an upcoming episode of Rogan’s show.

It seems premature to hang our first contact hopes on a humorous promise made by a presidential candidate on a podcast. But, given the chance, President Sanders may finally be able to put some conspiracy theories to rest.

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