Flying Saucers Discovered On Mars| Ancient Alien Artifacts

Flying Saucers Discovered On Mars| Ancient Alien Artifacts

Mars, the King of ancient Alien ruins with all kinds of interesting things like this unbelievable Flying Saucer.

I’ve lost count of the ancient Alien artifacts been discovered on the surface and we’ve not even scraped the surface yet. Everything that we’ve found on Mars is on the surface. Can you imagine what we would find if we could dig down a few feet?

We’ve got a helicopter on Mars for whatever reason but to be honest with you, we need a digger on there or just attached a scoop to the bottom of the Mars Rover. Send a tractor maybe, why not it’s getting ridiculous anyway. It would be worth every single penny of investment. The returns in terms of science alone would be epic!

In the image above we see another aerodynamic Disk with a dome in it’s perfect center. It’s also aerodynamic and that’s probably because it travels to planet’s that have atmospheres and so been aerodynamic is the best option.

Instead of namby pamby drilling the surface and analysing a bit of dust, get a scoop on the bottom of the Rover and scrape the surface and at the same time, archaeology is being done.

But that’s logic which I don’t think goes down well with NASA as they like long winded, 9 day presentations on what to have at lunch. Even after all that they just bring a sandwich.

Back to the spacecraft, it’s a round flat Disk with a domed center, now call me dumb but since when does nature create anything like this, even after billions of years of concretion build up of Mars dust and Mars soil? It just doesn’t seem to work like that.

Above is another excellent example of a possible UFO Disk that seems to have crash landed on Mars.

That’s why I’m saying it’s an ancient Alien Flying Saucer that has been sealed inside soil, dust and the Mars mineral makeup has preserved it for the length of time it’s been sealed up. Now that it’s been exposed to the Martian atmosphere it’s not looking so good, but it’s still all there in terms of the classic Flying Saucer shape.

In this image above we can see a UFO Disk flying out over the Mars surface and even though NASA says that nothing is there, we can clearly see something there in the sky that technically should not be there.

One thing I really struggled with for the longest time, even now I still struggle with this – I’m constantly expecting everything (Alien artifacts) to be the same size as human stuff. I know it’s a strange expectation because how do I know what size an Alien is? How big is a potato lol, see there’s just no way of knowing what size an Extraterrestrial is.

So, this Flying Saucer by the looks of it is quite small. But look at it again, it’s an extremely aerodynamic piece of intelligent design, it’s not a naturally occurring shape and because of this, the size is neither here nor there. Okay, just to stress to you the point I’m trying to make, please humour me and answer me this:

How tall is an average Alien?How big is an average Extraterrestrial spacecraft?How much does an average Extraterrestrial spaceship weigh?What’s the most popular colour for a UFO?

IF you can’t answer any of the random questions above, then how can you look at a random UFO in a video and say if it’s real or not? See how insane it looks just by examining a UFO video for 3 seconds?

Seriously though, that’s an absolutely valid point. We all “think” that we can tell a real UFO from a hoaxed UFO just by looking for 3 seconds max, but when it comes down to it, we can’t even tell what the average anything is for a UFO and that’s why I’m not leaving any more UFOs stone unturned anymore!

I’m hoping to discover more about UFOs from looking into the UFOs that I didn’t even like! I’ll compare what I’ve discovered from researching both and I bet you I have learnt more by looking into UFOs that I didn’t even like?

It’s sod’s law, call it what I or you like but if I looked into UFOs (as in all the UFOs) and not just the hand picked ones, I’d have been further on in my knowledge and that book would have been written by now?

Oh well, it’s never too late to change anything so I’m just going to bite the bullet and look into the UFOs that I don’t believe are real and it’ll be a good thing I’m sure?

Here’s the Paranormal Crucible YouTube video:

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