A UFO seen near military installations in 1954 in Stalingrad

In 1954, a patient hospitalized in a military establishment in Stalingrad (now Volgograd), Russia, repeatedly observed a UFO.

This unidentified flying object was extremely fast and emitted a particularly shrill noise. Several people have seen it.

It testifies :

“In the spring of 1954, I was hospitalized for treatment for jaundice in a military hospital near the Barrikadi munitions factory. Twice during my recovery period, I, along with other patients in the hospital, observed an unknown object flying from horizon to horizon, flying from southeast to northeast. west. This object seemed to gain altitude. I can’t describe the object, but if I remember correctly, it took about a minute for it to be able to leave my field of vision. This object caused a large amount of vibration in the air and emitted a shrill, hissing sound different from the noise produced by an artillery shell in flight. I could not see the object itself, but I saw the disturbances in the air which seemed to accompany it. »

In 1954, the Cold War shook the world and saw the United States and the USSR clash. During these delicate years, it took very little for a nuclear war to break out and destroy a large part of humanity. During this period, UFO sightings were particularly common especially near military installations. Perhaps they wanted to prevent our planet from sinking into a devastating conflict?


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