The Last Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy Saw UFOs Emerge From the Ocean

A video is currently circulating of an interview with a Russian Admiral who served as the last Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy from 1985 to 1991. Although the video appears to be a few years old, its content is relevant today. The commander refers to the UFO encounter with a Soviet submarine in 1945 and a US Navy submarine in 1947, and these UFOs seemed to be able to move both underwater and in the air. More interestingly, he claims that the submarines were trying to explore underwater caves off the coast of Antarctica. Will the Pentagon report contain information on this? And the current Russian army? Someone ? Bueller?

“A squadron of Soviet submarines in 1945, then another of the US Navy in 1947, were seriously attacked by flying saucers while trying to access underground caves in Antarctica. »

Former Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy Vladimir Chernavin (credit: )

The video ( watch it here ) opens with this big announcement. According to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena website , this is an interview conducted by journalist Khaled Al-Rushd for RT Arabic with Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin, a former Soviet naval officer, its last commander-in-chief; sole Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth of Independent States Navy from 1991 to 1992. He commanded the November K-21 class submarine in 1959, later commanded the Northern Fleet submarine flotillas and was decorated with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union before retiring in 1992. Chernavin is currently president of the association of Soviet submariners. Does he look like someone who knows about UFOs and OSNIs?

“I remembered an interview I had with the commander of the Soviet naval forces, Vladimir Chernavin. He also told us about flying objects that dipped under the water and came out of its depths at high speed. »

The video is in Russian with English subtitles. It appears to be a recent production by Khaled Al-Rushd, in which he reminisces about that previous Chernavin interview, and which was made because Al-Rushd first remembered a quote from US Navy Admiral Richard Byrd about “flying saucers”, in which he stated: “It is quite possible that these UFOs, whether man-made or extraterrestrial in origin, originated from several submarine bases, including possible submarine bases in Antarctica, off California and off Puerto Rico. Asked about this, Chernavin dropped this bombshell:

“There have been hundreds of such reports. I saw this phenomenon, especially when I was captain of the submarine during our stay in the Atlantic and the Caribbean, I clearly saw an object flying above one of our Soviet positions appearing under various forms, but mainly in the form of a round hat. »

“It was particularly bright, this light was changing, but the dish was moving at tremendous speed, then it would hover in one place and immediately disappear to appear in another place, then it would dive into the water and disappear from the sight, and after a while, it was coming out of the water but in another way, we were observing like this phenomenon, as I saw, the extraordinary phenomena cannot be ignored. »

Sound familiar? Chernavin’s next comment hits even closer to home…to the Pentagon report and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

“A committee of this type has been formed. Especially since it was formed, I learned that the Americans also had such a committee, and the decision was made to collect and analyze this information in the military field for the first time on my side. »

Did you see that ?

Wow ! Chernavin claims that Soviet sailors were the first to report seeing UFOs, the first to see them en masse, the first to track them and to have an “operational directive” to monitor them – with the approval of the Minister of Defense. Defense. He asserts that the UFO monitoring and data-logging system “must be personally signed by the Commander-in-Chief.” He recounts the encounter of a nuclear submarine and an escort fleet in the Pacific with “a disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 70 meters” – an encounter that Chernavin assured Al- Rushd have been documented. He concludes with this warning:

“It was a very serious problem. The decision had to be made with caution and balance, and this problem still exists today. »

Indeed, it still exists. Are we waiting for the wrong report?

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