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The greatest threat to humanity – aliens or ourselves?

Today I would like to make you aware of an aspect of the human condition that delights in the idea of ​​an extraterrestrial presence. Many of us have the strange feeling that we are not alone in the Universe.

So we gaze at the planets and stars with awe and wonder, contemplating the possibilities and pondering what might become of our species if ever contact were made.

But mysteries abound. Few people are able to articulate their own purpose in the grand scheme of things, let alone pontificate about the role aliens might play. Thus, we speculate and engage in trivial daydreams full of guesswork and hyperbole. Even those who imagine themselves to be philosophers or theologians often stumble and wear themselves out in conflicting views and opinions.

In the following paragraphs, we will briefly examine the impact that mass observation could have and the possible repercussions that could follow. We are also going to look ourselves in the face and ask ourselves an essential question. Will the ultimate threat to humanity come from extraterrestrials, or do we run the risk of being instruments of our own demise?

steal the show

I remain somewhat skeptical about the possibility of a massive large-scale sighting. It would just be too blatant to be considered benign. Millions of people would see it as an invasion, even if the weapons were conspicuously absent.

It would be the equivalent of a saber fight on a galactic level. A sky full of alien craft circling the globe would certainly not bode well for most of us, myself included. Such a spectacle would dominate our attention and remove any sense of normality in an already chaotic world.

Therefore, ETs (or EBEs) are limited to isolated sightings and occasional encounters. This seems to offer a much friendlier approach – one of gradual seduction and gradual adjustment. The documented cases offer a wealth of information and a constellation of data points for anyone who cares to connect the dots.

Even the most rudimentary research will yield a great deal of evidence to suggest that we have indeed been visited. The option to remain unconscious is also available to those who are not quite ready to accept this most drastic and prolific paradigm shift.

So I don’t get the sense that these entities want to party or upstage the self-proclaimed world leaders. But I sense that they are determined to establish some form of contact. They are already visible for those who are curious and who are not afraid to do a little research.

But aliens can’t approach a docile public that relies on the government and mainstream media to spoon-feed them along the way. They also cannot go through official government channels due to the layers of obfuscation ingrained in these systems.

Roswell, 1947

An unidentified flying object is believed to have crashed on a ranch northwest of Roswell, New Mexico during the first week of July 1947. This accident occurred after a severe thunderstorm the previous night.

Rancher “Mack” Brazel claimed to have found debris from the crash scattered over a large area. In addition to the debris, he observed a shallow wedge-shaped trench measuring several hundred feet that had been dug into the ground.

Military radars had spotted an unidentified flying object in the sky over southern New Mexico for several days before the crash. On that fateful night of July 4, 1947, radar indicated that an object had crashed about 50 km northwest of Roswell. The wreckage site was closed for several days while the wreckage was cleared, and military personnel aggressively ordered onlookers to stay away from the scene.

This incident is the subject of much speculation. There is also plenty of validity in the form of official documents and eyewitness accounts.

But within days, the government and the media abruptly changed their tune and silenced the rumors, blaming all the uproar on a stray balloon, until a nuclear physicist named Stanton Friedman re-examined the case at the end of the 1970s. Once again, we became aware of what was probably the most significant event of the 20th century.

People who studied the crash in great detail speculated that there may have been more than one saucer involved. Reports indicate that not only was debris found, but small humanoid bodies were strewn among the debris.

The saucers (or saucers) are believed to have crashed either due to intense lightning from the southwest desert monsoons or because the spacecraft’s navigation system was disrupted by military radar. My opinion is very different from these competing theories. I think they may have crashed on purpose.

The most benevolent way to establish contact would be in this way. Perhaps they died to non-aggressively prove that they were there – and that they weren’t indestructible or infallible. In other words, they weren’t gods. The crash served as the perfect diorama of a non-threatening intro.

Here, the message was clear. We are not alone in the Universe and there are intelligent entities that are very different from us. We could definitely see that they had the ability to take over our world if they wanted to. Instead, they offered us an image of fragility and imperfection.

They also “seeded” our scientists with torrents of information, much of it reverse engineered into the technology we know today. Look at the amazing leap forward we have made in science over the past sixty years. I assure you that the human race is also far beyond the technology you see in your local computer store.

But what was the impetus behind the “accidental” crash? Opinions are rife. But I am convinced (like others) that it had something to do with the development and deployment of the nuclear bomb. Not only did we develop this horrible insult to nature, but we also threw it at our own species.

Think about it for a moment. We dropped Little Boy and Fat Man from an airplane and vitrified a few blocks – and then rejoiced in the feat. We vaporized hundreds of people and horribly burned countless others and somehow justified it in our history books.

The explosions ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space by physically destroying matter. They also signaled to our extraterrestrial cousins ​​that we were crazier than a knife-wielding killer under the influence of acid in a hall of mirrors.

Yes, our fellow aliens were eager to get close to us, the “benevolent” earthlings. Seriously, what would you think if you were outside and looked inside?

I think they crashed a few ships maybe to make us forget to kill each other. It may even have worked to some extent. We haven’t dropped another nuclear bomb on a population since World War II. -There must be a reason for this.

The specter of nuclear war has certainly loomed over all these years and a fairly heated “cold war” has been waged. Yes, this is war at the temperature of their choice. But there are still people who insist that aliens are the ones to be wary of – they are the demons and the fallen angels. If so, then I ask: what are we?

An outside look at the inside

It was up to our government to pick up the slack, tell us about the extraterrestrial presence at Roswell, and tell us there was a lot to be gained from this event. But they failed by choosing to leave us in the dark.

The same ominous specter who built “the bomb” for fun and profit later went on to spread his hatred of humanity through various other macabre indiscretions.

War continues to this day under the guise of peacekeeping, our freedom has been eviscerated under the illusion of persistent threats, and chemtrails and GMOs. But those pesky aliens, yes, they’re gonna kill us all!

It is very difficult for us to see beyond the world in which we live. We are caught up in the daily fires of compliance and operations. The pitfalls of this reality impede our expanded vision, as Plato’s allegory of the shadow of the cave so elegantly suggests. It is necessary to go beyond the usual limits to extend our vision of matter and circumstances. And so I walk in nature.

I’m lucky to live in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere is everywhere for me. As I am of a rather shy temperament, I am easily distracted in more urban environments. But where I live, I can take long walks in the high desert plains and put myself in a state of heightened sensitivity.

It is in this place of nowhere that I speak to no one. In fact, nobody is really someone, although this “someone” has (no) body. This is the closest thing to an extraterrestrial experience for me, since I seem able to contact an entity from the astral realm.

Everyone is different, I guess. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I walk alone with my palms facing up sometimes. I receive a lot of information through the palms, which are like antennae to me. -Thus, I ask my most perplexing questions and often get clear and simple answers.

I affirm that it is through a spider’s web that we see, for our views are often clouded by personal biases and preconceived notions. To be convinced of this, it suffices to examine the contradictions of our own species. No entity is more loving and generous than the Human.

So there is something to be puzzled about when assessing our darker nature. How can such a contrast exist within a single being? Love is our natural gift but hate has been methodically sewn into us.

People are suspended in an indifferent trance. They work so hard to stay on top of things and take care of so many problems and concerns that they simply cannot afford the extra effort and energy needed to think beyond the usual boundaries. It’s desired.

And so, where do they go to get lessons in philosophy and morality? They relinquish this authority to their local church. But the enlightened abhor authority in all its forms and create a necessary strain on the system. This “sprain” serves as a refuge for seekers of truth. I guess you could say they’re a bit perverted.

When it comes to extraterrestrials, I see three camps. The first camp simply doesn’t care or subscribes to the idea that humans are the only intelligent species in the cosmos. The other camps are severely divided. They accept the idea that aliens are likely likely, but from there the division gets a little bigger.

There are those who strongly hold that these entities are benevolent and their intent is to serve humans. They argue convincingly that if ETs wanted to destroy us, they certainly could have done so a long time ago. Then there are those who ardently maintain that they are malevolent and would also like to “serve” the man – perhaps with mushroom sauce and a sprig of parsley.

But joking aside, there is definitely something that “feeds” on us. It feeds on our fear, our hatred and our anger towards others. Why do we feed it? What are we feeding him?

Final thought

Why should I worry about any hostile intent on the part of extraterrestrials? Well, I don’t – not in the least. But I worry a lot about the intentions of my own species. I am aware of the sinister energies lurking in the “higher” places that wear the costumes of authority adorned with teenage patches, medals and symbols.

Their titles may be impressive to others, but I don’t recognize them. I can feel the subtlest energy in the presence of another, see the smallest expressions and hear the faintest intonations of voice – and it is by that and not by a title that I know someone.

We are on the cusp of a massive spiritual awakening. We are quickly getting rid of our “leaders”. It is to a higher authority and presence that we begin to respond – the one that matters most, the one looking at us in the mirror.

And so they tell us that we must have a “need to know” if we are to receive the information that has fallen freely from the sky and into our own hearts. I need to know, and who are they to tell me otherwise?

Love and curiosity are powerful human qualities. We are often denied both. The psycho-clowns who run the show seem to think our destiny is rooted in war, violence, segregation, oppression and fear.

They see us as an overpopulated species and a scourge on the planet. They seek to continue their dominance while harvesting our energy. I’m not afraid of the aliens with their intergalactic ships. I only fear what we have become on dry land.

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