Aliens that look strangely like us and roam our supermarkets! Wtf?!

If there’s one thing you can say about extraterrestrials, it’s that most of them don’t really look like us. Okay, there’s the head, torso, arms and legs, but that’s mostly where it ends. For example, the little “Greys” have huge heads, large black eyes and emaciated bodies. The “Reptilians” don’t look human. The lesser-known “Hairy Dwarfs” and the 1952 Flatwoods Monster are far from human in appearance. That said, there are a number of reports of non-human entities that look almost as much like us. There is no doubt that this mainly applies to the “Space Brothers” and “Space Sisters” of the 1950s.. They have been encountered, generally, in desert locations and near the west coast of the United States. The females were virtually identical to us. The males too. Apart from their 80s hair, heavy-metal band style. They had fun and memorable names, like ‘Rondolla’ from Fourth Density, ‘Zolton’ from Vela, ‘Ah-Ming’ from Tarr, and ‘Numa’ from Uni. Way better than the nameless Greys, right? That’s it ! Then there was Aura Rhanes, the ultimate 1950s alien super bimbo and proud citizen of the planet Clarion, who, by the way, has never been identified. Until his death in 1969, contactee Truman Bethurum was totally bewitched by Captain Rhanes. There are, however, other aliens who look like us and can impersonate us on the street, in malls and at the Friday night game. I don’t know if they bet on the matches or not.

Giant Rock, California, where human-looking aliens with silly but funny names liked to hang out in the 1950s (Nick Redfern).

Giant Rock, California, where human-looking aliens with silly but funny names liked to hang out in the 1950s has friends who strongly believe the Dark-Eyed Children (EYNs) are aliens. Personally, however, I think this is what we in the UK call ‘complete and utter nonsense’. In my opinion, the EYNs are something supernatural, rather than extraterrestrial. I have to admit, though, that those strange black eyes and pale, sickly faces suggest that the EYNs might be aliens. Give them human-like contact lenses, and yes, they could definitely pass for us. Just maybe. Now let’s go to a store.UFO authority and author Denise Stoner has said the following : “At least three times here in Florida, in a particular health/grocery store/restaurant combination, I have been observed by a strange figure. It’s a good place to mingle as many of the people who shop here are ‘weird characters’ or ‘hippies’, people who have gone back to nature. Thus, the person who observed me is wearing a filmy outfit, fine hair, a braided Panama-type straw hat and sunglasses, which suits him perfectly. Denise continues:

No way these guys are impersonating us.

“His skin, hair and clothes are almost all the same beige color. The difference is that he has a drink in front of him, a notebook, and he stares at me all the time as we eat at a table on the sidewalk. He never takes his own food and does not touch drink. Looks like he knows when we’re almost done eating, he gets up, walks slowly past our table, rounds the conspicuous corner but has to pass a pillar at the corner of the shopping plaza near our table. Once he gets behind that pillar, he never comes out the other side. He literally has no place to go but to the other side, then to the sidewalk or the parking lot – but no, he’s gone. I can’t get up to follow him thinking I’ll run into him on the other side of the pillar. He lets me know very clearly that he is watching me or letting me know he is there. »

Captain Aura Rhanes. It’s not bad there.

In his book Selected by Extraterrestrials, William Tompkins wrote, “It was 1:30 p.m. It was an afternoon in late 2010. The location was an exclusive neighborhood in Oceanside, California. I needed some things from our local store. Walking fairly close to the back entrance, I spotted a tall, blonde, dressed in expensive clothes, who immediately reminded me of the first day I met Jessica, my Nordic alien. She stopped and turned around, facing me. With a sincere, deep and penetrating gaze, this vision said to me, “My father is several levels above the 32nd degree of Freemasonry, and I will help you with your book. We talked for about ten minutes, outside the door. She gave me her phone number and said: “Meet me tomorrow, in the coffee lounge at 1:30 p.m.” Obviously, I was extremely impressed and in total confusion as to what she said, as I had never met her and did not know who she was. How could she know that I was writing a book? And what connection did his Freemason father have with the subject of my book? “Don’t ask me. I am only the messenger.

There’s no doubt this story is bizarre. How could it not be when supermarkets, UFOs and aliens are an integral part of it? Aliens who look so much like us they can wander the aisles, get stuck in checkout lines for twenty minutes (just like you and me!), pick the shopping cart with the broken front wheel and go unmasked for what are they really? That is stunning!

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