HAARP: The Pentagon’s ultimate weapon, according to whistleblowers

In an arctic compound 450 kilometers east of Anchorage, Alaska, the Pentagon has erected a powerful transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Known as the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the experiment uses the world’s largest “ionospheric heater,” a device designed to send high-frequency radio waves into the sky at hundreds of kilometers above the Earth.

Why radiate charged particles from the ionosphere (which, when excited by natural processes, constitute the charming and famous phenomenon of the aurora borealis)?

According to the US Navy and Air Force, co-sponsors of the project, “to observe the complex natural variations of Alaska’s ionosphere”.

Likewise, the Pentagon admits, to develop new forms of communications and surveillance technologies to allow the military to send signals to nuclear submarines and peer deep underground.

Since the existence of HAARP was made public, a number of independent researchers have warned of the covert intentions of the operation, particularly in terms of

– weather modification
– mind control
– advanced military experiments
– triggering earthquakes

HAARP transmissions can also be used for the detection and monitoring of electromagnetic phenomena or “plasma”, precursors of seismic activity and tectonic movements.

Researchers believe that HAARP transmissions are actually used to activate or trigger the exact same electromagnetic conditions that can cause tectonic movements.

As anti-HAARP activists claim, HAARP is the most dangerous project the US government has undertaken so far. Beneath the innocent name of HAARP lies the ultimate death ray.

When HAARP pulls up, it can move clouds. When directed at the ground, it can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. According to Jerry Smith, an anti-HAARP activist, the US military’s desire is to master the weather and use it as a weapon.

In his book HAARP – The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy , Smith warns that many atmospheric scientists working on the secret military project might be unaware of HAARP’s serious potential to wreak havoc on Earth.

He wrote :

“If HAARP is a TMT [Tesla Magnifying Transmitter], and these researchers understand Tesla’s work correctly, we could be in big trouble. It’s entirely possible that the scientists working on HAARP don’t know what they’re playing. »

“Furthermore, their ignorance could be compounded if HAARP is indeed a covert military covert operations project. The military has developed a method of keeping secrets called ‘compartmentalization’, where each unit only knows what it needs to know… Only the control group knows what’s going on…”

“If there is a control group familiar with TMTs directing the actions of scientists untrained in Tesla technology, these lower level agents could be directed to wreak havoc with created weather or engineered earthquakes. … »

The key technology behind HAARP is the brainchild of scientist Bernard Eastlund.

Judging from his APTI patent, Tesla was a major inspiration for Eastlund’s ionospheric heater. A New York Times article, dated December 8, 1915, describes one of Tesla’s ideas that is remarkably similar to Eastlund’s.

In 1966, Professor Gordon JF MacDonald was Associate Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, a member of the US President’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and then a member of the US President’s Council on environmental quality.

The HAARP facility is one of only three such facilities in the world, and among them, it is the most sophisticated.

He has published articles on the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes. MacDonald made a revealing comment:

“The key to geophysical warfare is identifying environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release much larger amounts of energy. »

A world-renowned scientist, MacDonald developed ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and contributed to what was, at the time, just a futurist’s wildest dream.

When he wrote his chapter titled “How to Wreck the Environment” for the book Unless Peace Comes, he wasn’t kidding. In this chapter, he describes the use of,

– weather manipulation
– climate modification
– melting or destabilizing the polar ice cap
– ozone depletion techniques
– earthquake engineering
– ocean wave control
– brain wave manipulation at the help from the energy fields of the planet.

According to him, these types of weapons would be developed and, once used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims.

Is HAARP one of these weapons?

In her book Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War , renowned scientist and nuclear activist Dr. Rosalie Bertell asserts that these electromagnetic weapons:

“They have the ability to transmit explosives and other effects such as inducing earthquakes over intercontinental distances to any selected target site on the globe with levels of force equivalent to major nuclear explosions.”

His book explains that pulsed Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves can be used to transmit mechanical effects and vibrations great distances across the Earth.

“Such manipulation of the Earth,” she claims, “has the ability to disrupt volcanoes and tectonic plates, which in turn have an effect on the weather,” creating storms and torrential rains over an area. .

Has anyone noticed that the global weather has been very strange in recent years? Can we be sure that the climate is changing because of human activities, and not because of devices such as HAARP?

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