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The military-industrial complex and ground zero energy for space travel

After the crash of a UFO in Roswell, within a decade, a consortium of American military and major aerospace companies, namely the military-industrial complex (CMI), developed and implemented, with the knowledge of extraterrestrials, the use of zero point energy and antigravity technology.

The CMI has operated as a shadow government that is not accountable to every US president, even though the US government has authorized several billion dollars in their Area 51 operations.

Today, unknown to the public due to the CMI’s control of the national media, the US military is capable of dominating Earth’s outer space through intergalactic flying object (OVI) technology.

In 2014, Mark McCandlish, an accomplished aerospace illustrator, testified at the Secret Space Program conference in San Francisco, where he revealed that the US military not only developed operational antigravity, but also, for many years, developed and engineered the zero point energy that powers the OVIs for the past 50 years.

Mark has worked for many major defense contractors: General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell and Allied Signet Corporation. Mark was previously in the United States Air Force and for some of the major aerospace companies he was employed as an illustrator for spacecraft designed for aerospace.

He testified that his colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied and mentioned at the conference, visited a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he saw three Reproduced Vehicles Based on Extraterrestrial Technologies (ERVs) of different size, fully operational and hovering.

They were all identical in shape and proportion, except that there were three different sizes. The smallest measured about 7.5 meters in diameter at the base. The next largest was 18 meters and the largest had a diameter of 35 to 40 meters.

Brad also saw a video tape that showed the smallest of the three vehicles sitting in the desert, presumably on top of a dry lake bed, a place like Area 51. It showed this vehicle accelerating straight up and disappeared in just a few seconds, without noise, without moving parts, without exhaust fumes or fuel for propulsion.

Figure 8 shows the shape and much of the interior of military ERVs:

Figure 8. The ERV known to have been operational before 1973, by Kent Sellen.

A detailed description of the ERV and its components can be read in an article titled, Mark McCandlish: Master of Aerospace Illustration (Note 15).

A patent has been filed by James King Jr. that looks like an ERV shown above except instead of having a dome for the crew compartment, it has a cylinder in the center. The design has the same shape, flat bottom, and slanted sides. The coils are arranged around the circumference and the capacitor plates are all oriented radially.

The patent was originally filed in 1960 and was granted in 1967, the same year a photo was taken 52 years ago near Provo, Utah. It looks exactly like the craft shown in Figure 9. Former VRE crew chief Kent Sellen indicated that the VRE, an interstellar flying object, was operational possibly before 1973, or 48 years ago. (we are in 2021).

Figure 9. The Mark II flying saucer prototype of the alien breeding vehicle.

Having antigravity zero-point energy technology raises the question government officials should be asking: “Why spend all this money on NASA missile development for space exploration when the United States has technology that will take us into interstellar space right now? »

It is clear that the use of anti-gravity zero-point energy has not been revealed because the military-industrial complex (CMI) has managed to keep these advanced technologies secret from the American public and the government officials. It is time for the American people to loudly demand that the CMI release this technology for commercial use for the benefit of humanity.

People should be seriously concerned that the CMI does not want to relinquish its power and control over global economies. It is also possible that the CMI can misinform and brainwash people into believing that aliens are a threat to humanity.

Aliens have bases on our Moon

The highly advanced anti-gravity and zero-point energy technology is so profound that aliens were able to build a mothership large enough to house hundreds of families and maintain dozens of small spacecraft. It is relevant that we learn that the extraterrestrials are our neighbors.

They have been using the moon as a base for 8 decades and possibly much longer. In Germany, two astronomers, Fred and Glenn Steckling, father and son, wrote about extraordinary discoveries in their book titled, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon.

Published in 2012 by the International Journal of Modern Physics and copyrighted by the World Scientific Publishing Company, this book was translated from German in 2005. Fred and Glenn spent many nights at the telescope observing the moon and made a stunning discovery; a breathtaking event, which was not widely hailed by the American media.

In Chapter 3, titled “Secrets of the Moon,” Fred Steckling writes about what he and his son saw on the lunar crater Archimedes. During November 1970, they used a 31.75 cm reflector to observe Archimedes’ field, which was 2,300 meters above sea level. surprise three very large cigar-shaped objects on the base of Archimedes.

The three objects were the same size, two of them were stationed in the northern area, the other was located in the southern area. They then compared the objects with a section of the moon’s map of that area created by the Air Force, which showed the crater core to be relatively flat with no indication of those objects.

Fred and Glenn observed the three cigar-shaped objects for several hours in the crater. The diameter of Archimedes crater is about 80 kilometers, or about 80 km wide. According to their study, the cigar-shaped structures were at least 51 km long and about 4.5 km wide. Figure 10 shows the 80 km wide crater occupied by three cigar-shaped objects.

Figure 10. On Archimedes’ crater field were three cigar-shaped objects.

The highly advanced anti-gravity and zero-point energy technology is so advanced that the aliens were able to build a mothership large enough to house hundreds of families and maintain dozens of small spacecraft. They used the moon as a base for 8 decades and possibly much longer. Steckling wrote:

“The very idea of ​​anyone having the knowledge to build spaceships of such monstrous proportions is beyond imagination. Photographic evidence, however, attests to their existence. It would be pointless to determine the material and labor costs incurred to build a single device several kilometers long. »

The construction of a huge aircraft carrier, about a quarter of a mile, cannot be compared to the immensity of the ET spacecraft; a technical masterpiece, the construction of which on Earth would be extremely prohibitive. A spacecraft 32 miles long would be nearly impossible for humans to build. Mr Steckling wrote insightfully: “Whoever they are up there, they are far ahead of us. »


Arrogantly, the leaders of the Military-Industrial Complex (CMI) have kept extraterrestrial technology secret to surreptitiously control government, global organizations and wealth. It is certain that the CMI has recovered extraterrestrials who have survived spacecraft crashes.

It is plausible that they communicated with extraterrestrials but the narrow objectives of the leaders of the CMI seem to focus only on power and control of the world. People everywhere must demand that all UFO-like alien spacecraft technology secretly developed by the CMI be disclosed to enable the commercial use of anti-gravity and zero-point energy.

It is imperative that people in all countries start using zero point energy to obtain low cost energy without using biological and nuclear fuels which constantly pollute the Earth.

The benefits will enable people all over the world to no longer endure poverty, lack of food, and gain free time for intellectual and moral development. This demand must be initiated by all people to take control of the CMI, a shadow government, which denies the accountability and control of the Congress, Senate and executive branches of the United States government.

Journalists and news media editors are educated and informed about the benefits of zero point energy. As part of their profession, one would think that this highly advanced technology would be released to the public to reveal its benefits to people around the world.

But what is the problem, what is stifling their ability to educate people around the world about the benefits of zero point energy? Could it be that their voices are muffled because the news media is funded and controlled by the military-industrial complex? The answer is that the CMI has total control of the national media, which is funded by billions of US taxpayer dollars.

The CMI shadow government is so pervasive that President Eisenhower issued a stark warning to the American people in his 1961 speech. He said:

“We have been forced to create a permanent arms industry of vast proportions. In addition, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We spend more on military security each year than the net income of all American corporations. This conjunction of a huge military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. »

“The total influence – economic, political and even spiritual – is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to understand its grave implications. Our labour, our resources and our livelihoods are at stake, as is the very structure of our society. »

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or not, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. »

“We must never allow the weight of this combination to endanger our freedoms or our democratic processes. We must not take anything for granted. Only alert and well-informed citizens can compel the enormous industrial and military machinery of defense to adapt to our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and freedom can prosper together. »

A top scientist, Rick Fousch, of the Naval Research Labs, the largest defense laboratory in the world, revealed that anti-gravity and zero-point energy had been developed and implemented in October 1954. This means that by the mid-1950s the ability existed to replace much of the oil, gas, coal and fuel used for rockets, nuclear jets, cars and internal combustion engines.

By not releasing anti-gravity and zero-point energy for commercial use, people in America and many parts of the world have lost over six decades of technological evolution. The CMI has prevented the use of ground zero energy because it would eliminate hundreds of trillions of dollars of oil assets and infrastructure that it controls and from which it continuously derives profits.

To enable the CMI to maintain its grip on global economies and brainwash people through fake news, President Eisenhower’s warning has become not just a reality but an emergency that threatens the well-being of humanity. and our land.

There may be a solution with the authorization of a Space Force by President Donald Trump. It is obvious that the Space Force employs many CMI officers and personnel. He would be a wise president who loves the American people to ensure the disclosure of anti-gravity and zero-point energy technologies for commercial use in all countries.

Their implementation will usher in a new era of development that will benefit mankind both technically and morally. Although the revelation of this technology would change the world by eliminating a centralized petrodollar economy, within a generation it would be replaced by many innovative industries that would increase the quality of life for all people.

The military-industrial complex hides zero-point energy

Dr. Steven M. Greer, an emergency physician and director of the emergency department at a major North Carolina hospital, left his medical profession to devote his full-time life to telling Americans the truth about the reality of extraterrestrials and UFOs. About three years later, he hosted an event at the National Press Club in 2001 to launch his disclosure campaign (Note 16).

Many highly credible officers and scientists attended to testify that they had witnessed or worked on top secret UFO and extraterrestrial programs. At this event, Dr. Greer proposed the following goals:

– Open and honest hearings on UFOs and extraterrestrials in the United States Congress.

– Permanent ban on the weaponization of space or the targeting of any object of extraterrestrial origin. To implement such a ban, there must be immediate legislation and national/international treaties to ban space-based weapons.

– That there is a comprehensive study of classified technologies related to this topic to see how they could be properly declassified and applied to peaceful energy production so that the world can go fossil fuel free soon enough to avoid ecological damage or a war because of the impending energy crisis that is sure to sweep the Earth in the next decade.

– There is a need to declassify and publish currently classified technologies that could ameliorate the environmental and energy crisis. To eradicate poverty, improve air quality on earth, and increase the quality of life for all, we must use the anti-gravity and zero-point ambient energy propulsion systems that have already been developed in programs secrets.

On January 23, 2009, Dr. Greer wrote, on behalf of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a letter to the people to impress on the President the need for disclosure (Note 17).

He attached to his letter a Special Presidential Briefing (SPB) for President Obama and his military and intelligence team. The SPB provides a comprehensive briefing, which contains detailed project information, project code numbers, names, companies, locations, etc. associated with covert UFO/ET operations. He wrote an appeal to friends, supporters of disclosure, to actively inform President Obama of necessary actions regarding extraterrestrials.

“Nine months after the inauguration of a potentially transformative new US President, we expect significant progress in official disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. As the UK, France, Denmark, Brazil and other countries around the world have increasingly opened up their official government records, the US finds itself lagging behind its sister nations. »

Again, on June 1, 2017, Dr. Steven Greer communicated with senior officials in the administration of newly elected President Donald J. Trump. He hopes the new president will release and declassify UFO and alien information once and for all.

Over several years of unraveling the secret of the military-industrial complex, Dr. Greer claims to have evidence that a small underground group of people rooted in government suppressed alien technology. Since the development and implementation of anti-gravity zero-point energy in the mid-1960s, the military-industrial complex (CMI) has retained this technology for commercial use; a period of more than half a century.

Dr. Greer’s goal is to raise awareness about the visitation of extraterrestrials to Earth. Many military, civilian and scientific witnesses involved in covert operations have testified to their encounters with extraterrestrials and UFOs.

He revealed that the Disclosure Project has coordinated interviews with more than 800 whistleblowers from high-level defense companies, government officials, and military intelligence individuals to testify to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. However, Dr Greer would like to see a tidal wave of support from the public.

The American people must insist on disclosure

The question still remains: when will our president demand the disclosure of intergalactic flying object (OVI) technology? The American people are educated enough to accept intelligent beings from other worlds.

But will the greedy and powerful status quo of the establishment and the military-industrial complex dominate and control the destiny of humanity? It is essential that people are informed and educated to recognize that their political leaders must insist that the military-industrial complex disclose OVI technology.

Ultimately, people will no longer tolerate being held hostage to the experience of a new age that is able to utilize zero point energy. It can be used in all moving objects and in the necessary reconstruction of the infrastructure of our cities, roads and bridges.

Will people become knowledgeable and skilled enough to want to improve their quality of life, encounter extraterrestrials, and welcome an intergalactic era?

Disclosure of OVI technology can be achieved by writing to their political leaders, members of Congress, senators and the President, in order to achieve transparency and finally be free from surreptitious control.


The human race is constantly evolving, both technically and psychologically. Humans have advanced in technical spheres, but due to the many diverse views of spiritual, religious, philosophical, and political beliefs, there is no common agreement on a belief system that they can all adhere to.

As a result, many conflicts have arisen, resulting in hatred, violence and the death of human beings in many countries.

It would be useful to learn if extraterrestrials have resolved their ideological differences and developed an acceptable vision for learning to love one another. This is the ultimate outcome: to revere all life and learn the wonders of other beings in the universe.

Figure 11. Our universe is teeming with life in billions of galaxies.

Another solution is to let the fears and terror that humans inflict on other beings limit our ability to move on to the next level of spiritual and intellectual development. In that case, we may never be able to fly through interstellar space.

If the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) releases zero-point anti-gravity energy, will the American people, and people around the world, be ready for the dramatic changes that will affect their lives? The economies of every country will be affected by the new productive capacities, which will require an intellectual revival of our educational and religious institutions.

Will humans be accepted by intergalactic beings?

There is an opportunity for humans to travel to intergalactic space and meet extraterrestrial beings from other worlds. But are humans ready to encounter extraterrestrials who are thousands, if not millions, of years ahead intellectually and technologically?

When we witness the slaughter of people with different religious beliefs every day and witness the millions of people who suffer from poverty and lack of food, it becomes clear that we, the human race, have not learned to solve problems that can eliminate religious differences, poverty and war.

How can aliens accept human beings who have not learned to live peacefully with each other? We are a threat to extraterrestrials because we always show arrogance, bigotry, greed for power and wealth, hatred and violence towards each other.

Our educational and religious institutions around the world have failed to teach integrity, an attribute that is based on compassion and truth. Even the national media found it easy to lie about events and distort facts due to political differences.

Our college and university professors poison our young minds with distorted political views by reinterpreting historical events. The President of the United States is ridiculed and scorned by indecent names as he loves America and its people, saved our economy by creating jobs and increasing incomes for black people and others minorities. Unfortunately, humans don’t seem to be ready in two or three decades for intergalactic travel.

The root of the problem begins with the behavioral instruction received by parents and the morality instilled by the religious leaders of spiritual organizations. They are the ones most intimately involved in raising children with a foundation of moral rules that build the attributes of character and integrity.

This means that the scriptures of our religious institutions must be evaluated to understand why and how they have become a fundamental part of any civilization. Such an assessment deserves study because it is clear that it is the clash of different religious beliefs that is responsible for fanaticism, hatred, terrorism and the murder of millions of innocent people in the world.

The summary of the Chute Institute document indicates that there is a need for educators in high schools, colleges and universities to introduce their students to the history of the development of religions and beliefs in God in mankind.

People need to understand this need and why the teaching of morality is essential to the well-being of their nation and its citizens. By giving people a better understanding of the nature of man, political and religious leaders can be inspired to increase love among people of all nations and to be able to welcome visitors from outer space.

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