Declassified CIA Documents Suggest Nazis Successfully Manufactured UFOs

According to a series of documents relating to the war, Hitler’s engineers even built flying saucers and strange aerial vehicles described as “luminous balls” that had the ability to fly and track Allied fighters to distract them into full flight.

It’s no mystery that the Nazis searched even in the most remote places on Earth for devices, ancient manuscripts describing paranormal energies, and places that would aid them in their ultimate goal: world domination. .

There are declassified documents claiming that the Germans created flying saucer-shaped aircraft and even glowing flying spheres to confuse Allied pilots during the war. Their ultimate goal was to create flying saucers. UFOs.

Assemblies or various models of real Nazi flying saucers operating with the Vril

When we talk about the Nazis, their pursuit of paranormal technologies and Nazi UFOs, we are met with a lot of skepticism. This is why I wish to be as objective as possible in describing these mysterious craft.

The Nazi UFO, fact or fiction?

“[Italian researcher] Renato Vesco argued that the Germans had developed antigravity. The disc-shaped and tube-shaped contraptions were built and tested towards the end of World War II, which he says is the correct explanation for ghost hunters. »

“These concepts, he argued, were developed by the Americans and the Soviets and led directly to flying saucers. –Richard Dolan

Nazi UFOs, also known in German as Haunebu, Hauneburg-Geräte (or Reichsflugscheiben) are advanced aircraft or spacecraft believed to have been developed by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Montage of actual Nazi flying saucers codenamed “Haunebu”.

These technologies and super-planes appear in a number of conspiracy theories.

They usually appear in connection with esoteric Nazism, an ideology that involves the recuperation of Nazis for supernatural or paranormal purposes.

Many authors have established a historical link between Nazi Germany, its exploration missions around the globe and these fascinating UFOs.

Several authors argue that Nazi Germany explored the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, where it sent an expedition in 1938, and planned other excursions, and even created a secret base, where many Nazi leaders are refugees after the Second World War.

Nazi Germany studied advanced propulsion technologies, including missiles and powerful turbines developed by Viktor Schauberger.

Some UFO sightings during World War II, notably those known as “foo fighters”, were considered enemy weapons.

Yet the Allies repeatedly claimed that the “Foo Fighters” were in fact Nazi secret weapons.

But it all looks like a huge conspiracy, with no solid evidence to back up the “wild claims”.

Fortunately, there is a reference from a few scientists who have admitted to working on UFOs.

The very first real reference to Nazi UFOs comes from a series of texts written by Italian turbine expert Giuseppe Belluzzo.

Written on March 24 and 25, 1950, this text detailing secret technologies was published in the Italian daily “Il Giornale d’Italia”:

“…types of flying saucers were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942″.

Belluzzo also expressed the opinion that “a great power throws discs to study them”.

Soon after Belluzzo wrote about advanced turbines, German scientist Rudolph Schriever admitted to developing flying saucers during the Nazi era.

In an interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel, Schriever claimed to have designed a craft propelled by a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 15 meters in diameter.

In the 1950s, many countries became interested in the subject of flying saucers and apparently wanted to develop their own flying saucer.

In 1953, Avro Canada announced that it was developing the Avrocar VZ-9-AV, a circular jet aircraft capable of reaching speeds of 2,400 km/h. Shortly after Avro Canada’s announcement, German engineer Georg Klein claimed that such designs were developed during the Nazi era.

Klein even identified two types of alleged German flying saucers:

– A non-rotating saucer developed in Breslau by engineer Richard Miethe, a specialist in V-2 rockets, which was eventually captured by the Soviets, while Miethe fled to the United States via France and ended up working for Avro.

-A saucer developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl in Prague, which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a stationary cockpit. Klein claimed to have witnessed the first manned flight of this device on February 14, 1945, when it managed to climb to 12,400 m in 3 minutes and reach a speed of 2,200 km/h in horizontal flight.

This document, available in the Central Intelligence Agency’s online archives, mentions Georg Klein, who, as the document indicates, said that “although many people believe that the ‘flying saucers’ are a development after -war, they were actually in the planning stage in German aircraft factories as early as 1941.”

The document goes on to state:

“The ‘flying saucer’ reached an altitude of 12,400 meters in 3 minutes and a speed of 2,200 kilometers per hour”. Klein points out that, according to German plans, the speed of these “saucers” was to reach 4,000 kilometers per hour.

One difficulty, according to Klein, was the problem of obtaining the materials to be used in the construction of the “saucers”, but even this had been solved by German engineers towards the end of 1945, and the construction of the objects was to begin, a added Klein.

One cannot talk about flying saucers, mysterious spacecraft and advanced technology without mentioning Hermann Oberth, the founding father of rocketry and astronautics.

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