Bones, balls, people and more – what the fun with all these anomalies on Mars?!

As soon as NASA releases incredibly detailed photos of the Martian surface, folks back home unearth strange and unusual objects in those obscure snaps.

Of course, NASA always dismisses discovered anomalous objects as “natural rock formations.” Things took a turn for the worse in early 2014 when observant researchers found “before and after” photos proving that NASA occasionally “scrubs” some of its photos (and videos).

NASA calmly explained that in some cases camera imperfections need to be corrected using software – like Photoshop.

Yet despite NASA’s proven manipulation of Mars photos, sharp-eyed researchers continue to find unusual anomalies in photos of the Martian surface and wonder, “Have you *ever* in your life seen a rock formation natural on Earth that looks like this? »

Here is a collection of some of the unusual sights discovered on Mars so far.

The thigh bone

Resembling a fossilized femur, this strange object has been explained by NASA as a “shiny-looking rock” that has been shaped by erosion (by wind or water).

Others, however, have pointed out the impossibility for wind and erosion to shape a rock in such a bizarre way. The thigh bone was discovered on the Red Planet in August 2014.

The Martian rodent or rat

Resembling a mouse or squirrel lying on its stomach, the Mars rat was captured (on film) by NASA’s Curiosity rover in September 2012 and sparked a lot of internet interest after onlookers noticed that the features – eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, legs – of the cute little creature were easily discernible.

The lizard

This one is a little harder to explain as a rock, as the features are very clear and include a long, thin tail that appears to be a shape impossible to form through natural erosion.

The object was reportedly discovered by a Japanese researcher in March 2013 and appears to have a tail, four legs and other obvious lizard features.

The frozen woman

Photographed by NASA’s Spirit rover, this frozen woman perched on a rock has many wondering if the rain of fire on Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t happen on Mars instead.

The photo looks suspiciously like a female figure with an outstretched arm. The image was sent back to Earth by the Mars rover Spirit in 2008.

The Iguana

The Iguana was discovered by a hawk-eyed enthusiast on November 6, 2013 in photos taken by the Mars Curiosity rover.

NASA was informed of this discovery but refused to return the rover to the site for further research. At the time, some began to wonder if NASA was purposely seeding life on the Red Planet.

The ball

Shaped like a perfect sphere, the ball was discovered in late 2014 by the Curiosity rover on sol 746, atop a rocky outcrop.

The perfectly round object sits atop a flat rock and looks like a dirty cannonball. NASA explained it as a “concretion”.

The jelly donut

The Jelly Donut wasn’t so much known for its unusual appearance as for the fact that it appeared on Mars during a 12-day period when Opportunity wasn’t watching.

The unusual object simply materialized out of thin air, right in front of Opportunity.

Skulls on Mars

Several skulls, human or animal, have been found on the Martian surface. Here are some notable examples.

The coffin

The “Coffin” was discovered in a December 2014 NASA photo taken by the Mars Rover and clearly shows a linear, rectangular-shaped object that certainly resembles a man-made coffin or box of some sort.

Could life have evolved on Mars before Earth?

The discovery that the ancient planet Mars could have harbored microbes raises the tantalizing possibility that life could have evolved on the Red Planet before taking root on Earth.

New observations from NASA’s Curiosity rover suggest that microbial life may have survived on Mars in the distant past, when the Red Planet was a warmer, wetter place.

Exactly when Mars’ habitability window opened is unclear, researchers say. But the timing could be comparable to Earth, where life first appeared about 3.8 billion years ago.


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