Scientists warn: Encountering aliens can be dangerous

Alien civilizations within 100 light-years of Earth are likely to discover the existence of humanity, but according to astronomers, aliens may not be as friendly as humanity thinks.

As astronomer Peter Ward said, aliens can be hostile to humans. It is certain that natural selection, if it took place on other planets, was carried out with all types of life. Only the genetic equivalents could change, reports .

If we compare with what happens on Earth, we find that each individual species cannot boast of altruism. It is content to grab as much territory as possible and multiply as actively as possible.

The same can happen if humanity collides with an intelligent alien race – a war will begin for resources, territories, etc.

Why do so many astrobiologists insist that high intelligence will lead to peace, love and understanding? This is certainly not the case here on Earth. We don’t even respect our own species.

Here, every species we know reproduces until they starve to death or are limited by space, Ward says. There is no altruism, all species on Earth would do what our species did and appropriate as many resources as possible, he says.

However, whatever the potential intentions of the extraterrestrials, the encounter with them, if it takes place, must be carefully prepared.

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