Mexican journalist discovers jade stones testifying to extraterrestrial contact in a cave

A cave filled with jade stones has been discovered in a forest in Veracruz. Apart from precious stones, the cave also contains extraordinary sculptures.

The carvings are very intricate and depict some kind of gray aliens with thin bodies, big heads and big eyes.

This incredible discovery was made public by Mexican journalist Javier Lopez Diaz.

Diaz is convinced that these drawings reflect real contact between an ancient civilization and extraterrestrials. According to some legends, these spatial entities would have helped shape the culture of the Aztecs and Mayas.

The carving on the jade blocks, according to experts, is entirely authentic. The gray aliens depicted in the jade stones have a very large head, large almond-shaped eyes, they have three fingers like the Nazca mummies.

Archaeologists have also found various paintings depicting contact scenes between extraterrestrials and humans, which are closely related.

Once researchers managed to decipher the jade rocks, they were given the amazing title of “Stones of First Encounter”.

The ancient artifacts unearthed in Mexico, while showing gray aliens and spaceships, however, fall under the purview of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, which expresses a skeptical view of such claims.

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