Hitler’s UFO-Extraterrestrial Connection During World War II

The Führer claimed that a blond race of superhuman Aryan warriors inspired his beliefs of genocide and hatred. These supermen also provided the advanced technology that Germany so badly needed during World War II.

Hitler’s rise to power

When Hitler first appeared on the world stage with his contrived rhetoric, he was rewriting German mythology and history as a form of propaganda intended to boost German self-esteem after the defeat of the First World War. World War. Most people thought he was crazy and didn’t take him seriously at first.

However, Hitler announced that he was a member of an alien cult and had an exclusive line of communication with a powerful group of aliens. According to Hitler, these extraterrestrials were the source and power of his new German ideology.

He explained that Nazi mysticism was a product of their devotion and worship of manipulative aliens. Many high-ranking Nazi members of Hitler’s inner circle said they also communicated with the extraterrestrial Norse gods.

German technology

Hitler’s German scientists advanced their knowledge of technology long before any other nation on Earth before and during World War II. They attributed their success to manipulative aliens. German researchers had a radar in 1933 when no other world power had yet developed it. Nazi engineers developed infrared sensors, heavy water and jet engines.

At the end of the war, balls of fire in the sky harass and tease Allied pilots as they dart, dive and swoop through the ranks of warplanes. Pilots call them “foo fighters” but have never been able to determine what they are and how they work.

Later, American engineers discovered that German rocket scientists had not only the V1 and V2 rockets, but also another rocket, the A10, on their drawing boards. The A10 could reach the American coast. V2 rockets and fighter jets entered the war too late to be useful.

The Allies found drawings and plans being made for a circular saucer-like aircraft. Some have suggested that the Foo Fighters could have been prototypes of this aircraft.

Some witnesses saw an aircraft resembling a flying saucer with the German Iron Cross insignia on the sides. In London, eyewitnesses said they saw such a device flying over the Thames.

Others have reported seeing one flying over New York, and prisoners of war in Germany have described prototype saucers up to 15 meters in diameter in tests. As the war draws to a close, Hitler puts his scientists to work hard in a last ditch attempt to create a masterful super weapon.

At the end of the war, American and Russian troops scoured Germany in a frantic search for German rocket scientists and all the blueprints and designs for war machines, rockets and spacecraft. Some scientists went to Russia, and the Americans brought 104 of them back to the United States.

There, the Army settles them in White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico, while they and their families adjust to their new American way of life before returning to their jobs. A number of Germans remained in New Mexico, and several of them, including Werner Von Braun, moved to Huntsville, Alabama, to work on the space race.

Hitler’s fall

Of course, the Allies were eager to capture Hitler and his minions when the war ended. They feared he would hide for a while, only to resurface and start again.

He had often said that the future belonged to the subterranean supermen residing at the South Pole, as they would return to the surface of the earth and rule the Fourth Reich that would last a thousand years.

Nobody knows what happened to Hitler after the war. It is said that his double committed suicide in order to deceive his enemies. But no verifiable proof has ever been provided.

Dwight Eisenhower, in 1952, said: “We have not been able to dig up any hard evidence of Hitler’s death. Many believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin. President Truman met Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Truman asked Stalin if he thought Hitler was dead. Stalin’s answer, in a nutshell, was “No.”

According to the Nazis, the extraterrestrial supermen built an underground city at the South Pole and Hitler was there under their protection. Meanwhile, the manipulative aliens planned to insinuate a mega-genocide on all non-Aryan groups on planet Earth.

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