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The oldest mask of an Inca god made from a material not found on Earth

Recently, sensational news has spread around the world: mysterious artifacts have been discovered off the coast of Florida.

Their seniority was obvious, but their origin was unknown. A total of seven objects fell into the hands of scientists. All of them are created from a material practically not found on Earth: iridium.

Of course, this object was created by people and in quite earthly conditions. The fact is that iridium is found in large quantities in meteorites that have fallen to the ground. Apparently, the ancients noticed the “sign” from heaven and followed it. After obtaining the most precious stone, they began to create objects of worship.


Analysis of the artifacts has shown them to be at least 12,000 years old. Considering that iridium is a very refractory and very hard material, it is probably worth reconsidering the level of development of metallurgy among the ancient Incas.

We can assume that these objects belong to them. Personally, I have no doubt that ancient civilizations possessed transcendent knowledge in areas that have not yet been conquered by modern humanity. Therefore, there is no doubt that the masters were able to create these masterpieces 12,000 years ago.
The mask of the god Viracocha was the most interesting. Its thickness is only 1.7 mm. At the same time, there is a drawing of a great deity and various religious symbols.

Exquisite workmanship by the masters of antiquity

We know that before the arrival of the conquistadors, the Inca civilization reached its peak. To understand, it must be said that in 1200-1500 AD, the Incas could skillfully work only with gold, silver and other metals with a low melting point.

Their metallurgical furnaces produced temperatures slightly above 1300 degrees. To melt iridium, the temperature must be very close to 2500 degrees.

The image of the god Viracocha makes it possible to accurately determine the origin of the product – it was created by the Incas 12,000 years ago. However, modern history indicates that the Inca Empire is one of the youngest civilizations.

It turns out that historians deliberately hide the truth about the ancient Incas or know very little about their true culture. Nothing reminds you?

The Anglo-Saxons destroyed the great history of the Indians, so that one felt that America was built not on the death of Indian civilizations, but on the territories occupied by uneducated nomadic tribes.

Our acquaintances have been subjected to a similar purge. History cannot be trusted. Thank goodness artifacts help uncover the lost truth.

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