Aurora Borealis Video Filmed By Astronauts Appears To Show UFOs Crossing Their Path

Amazing video of the Aurora Borealis filmed by astronauts aboard the International Space Station appears to show some objects changing course in space.

The topic of UFOs has been hotly debated lately. And this, because almost all the prejudices concerning this phenomenon seem to have disappeared. Suddenly, UFOs are no longer a conspiracy theory, and scientists, military, and government agents can discuss the enigmatic unidentified aerial phenomenon like any other normal topic.

NASA, which a few years ago claimed to have no knowledge or interest in UFOs, recently opened a dedicated research group that will study UFOs with all the tools at its disposal. The team will be led by real scientists, a group of astrophysicists who probably would have laughed at the idea just a few years ago.

But as I keep pointing out, things have changed drastically in the UFO world.

I’ve been covering the subject of UFOs for years, and I remember that in 2017 we discovered a peculiar object that was traveling through our solar system. ‘Oumuamua was the first interstellar visitor we had encountered, and it was one of the strangest objects we had ever encountered in space.

Renowned Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb is one of the scientists who took a close interest in this object, and he even published a book about this enigmatic object in which he explains quite well why ‘Oumuamua could be a form of alien technology.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about UFOs is what the US Congress recently revealed.

UFO sightings have prompted lawmakers to change UFO definitions in several striking ways. As I explained in a previous article, one of the main conclusions is that some UFOs may not have been created by humans and are therefore of extraterrestrial origin.

The Pentagon also takes a close interest in UFOs. Not long ago, the Pentagon gave a new name to its UFO office, including in its study objectives the so-called “transmedia” UFOs.

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All of the above leads us to conclude that there has been a major shift in how government, scientists and the military view UFOs. Obviously, there are unidentified flying objects in our airspace, and we are unable to know what they are or where they came from.

Some of these items exhibit technological capabilities unlike anything mankind has produced. Therefore, to understand what these objects are, a rigorous scientific method must be used when studying UFOs.

And what better tool than a gigantic space laboratory equipped with dozens of cameras and a trained crew, orbiting our planet hundreds of kilometers above the ground?

The International Space Station has been in orbit around our planet since November 1998. For 23 years, astronauts have been going back and forth to the International Space Station. For 23 years, astronauts have observed the planet from a different perspective.

And I wonder if some of these astronauts have seen what they can’t explain. The answer is obviously yes, since we know that astronauts occasionally take an image of the Earth and find something unexpected on closer inspection.

Recently I watched an amazing video, filmed aboard the International Space Station, of the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

The video, which is just over ten minutes long, shows the breathtaking view of the astronauts on the planet.

While I enjoyed these incredible, calming images of our planet, I couldn’t help but notice moving objects in the background.

While I guess some of the moving bright spots could have a natural explanation, like satellites, meteorites or whatever, some of these objects even pass each other, as can be seen at around 3 minutes 11 seconds into the video.

One of these objects appears to be plunging through our planet’s atmosphere, while another is moving horizontally just above the magnificent Northern Lights. Another object crosses the trajectories and seems to move away in space.

Some of these objects even seem to increase in brightness until they eventually disappear from the picture.

During the video, several other interesting objects can be seen in the distance, and some even disappear after briefly appearing in the video.

While this is obviously not evidence of little green men visiting Earth to view the magnificent Northern Lights, it is interesting how images from the International Space Station can help investigators understand this. what are UFOs and where do they come from.

Here are the sequences .

As always friends, the truth is elsewhere.

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