Astronomers have discovered two large domed objects on the Moon

There are several theories about the populating of the Moon by intelligent beings. Some researchers believe people are already living and working on Earth’s satellite.

Now there is talk of the discovery of an abandoned settlement between two craters – Paracelsus and Aitken.

Alas, there is little to distinguish in the photographs, but several dozen ufologists and astronomers are sure that there is a dome-shaped structure that reflects light, which is why it is difficult to see on the photographs.

NASA first learned of the existence of this mysterious object in 1972. Since then, attempts have been made to examine it closely. Several lunar vehicles have been sent to the indicated area.

The results of these missions are classified, but, as is often the case, former agency employees are prone to leaking information, so the public has learned the details of these studies.

The source of the following images can be found on the joint website of the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and NASA, which provides raw images for scientific studies. Click here for the original photo.

Academic science has confirmed the presence of two (according to some sources – three) mysterious domed objects on the moon.

Of course, these structures can be of natural origin. Nature is surprisingly diverse and almost everything is within reach. According to one version, these formations would only be craters with bizarre shapes. There is an even more mundane explanation: visual deception, the play of light and shadow creating the illusion of a large dome.

But there are other versions.

The structures, which have been spotted on NASA maps, are believed to have been created by a species of aliens known as the “Little Greys”, a race of super-intelligent dark-loving aliens. That’s why they built these domed structures, so they could live below the surface.

“There is an alien species that loves the dark so much that it has genetically engineered itself to have solar-powered second eyelids that cover its eyes at will. The Greys,” says eminent alien hunter Scott C Waring.

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