2,900 km “megastructures” discovered under the surface of the Earth

Many theories point to the possibility that ancient civilizations inhabited the depths of our planet. Now the discovery of two colossal megastructures could shed more light on the Hollow Earth hypothesis.

This discovery sheds light on the Hollow Earth theory.

Experts have detected two megastructures located on opposite sides of the planet, proving that this is not an isolated phenomenon.

The structures have the dimensions of a continent. They are up to 100 times higher than Mount Everest and have a depth of around 2,900 kilometers. They are about halfway to the Earth’s core.

Megastructures in the depths of the Earth

According to experts, the structures are made of a completely different material from the rest of the Earth’s mantle.

Edward Garneno , of Arizona State University and scientist participating in the project, explained that the origin and composition of the megastructures are unknown.

They are suspected to hold important clues to the formation of the Earth and its current functioning.

The structures are located on opposite sides of the planet. One is under the Pacific Ocean. The other is under the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the scientists, structures similar to these were known as “thermochemical stacks” and were thought to be composed of the same materials as the Earth’s mantle. These mega-structures shatter all previous paradigms.

An unknown origin

The origin of these structures is so far unknown

According to research, megastructures feature materials that have been “pushed” down by the tectonics of the regions. They may even have been created by remnants of the formation of the Earth, around 4.5 billion years ago.

The researchers themselves said they still have a lot to learn about these mysterious formations. But recently collected data revealed that they are much denser than material closer to the recent mantle.
Obviously, this news caused great controversy among independent researchers and theorists. Remember that this is not the first megastructure discovered in the depths of the Earth.

This could be a clue to the existence of ancient underground cities, man-made tunnels, passageways created by a civilization that may have lived beneath our feet hundreds of years ago.

The discovery of these structures was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

It is obvious that there is still a long way to go to know the origin of such megastructures. And if the origin proves the existence of underground cities, it is difficult for conventional archeology to reveal it. We can only continue to investigate on our own to find out the truth.

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