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The Government Has Seen HD Footage Of UFOs At Classified Briefings, Says Luis Elizondo

Until now, the videos of UFOs filmed by the US Navy that have been leaked to the public are not characterized by having a good definition -or else they were filmed in infrared-, which has led some to speculate about the origin of these objects. However, in a recent interview, Luis Elizondo has stated not only that “highly convincing high-resolution photos and videos” exist but that they have already been seen in classified briefings to Congress.

This fact, precisely, would have been what motivated senators like Marco Rubio and Kirsten Gillibrand to democratize the issue of unidentified aerial phenomena and take some control out of the Pentagon to create a UFO office regulated by the Senate itself — which now must file unclassified annual reports —.

A mysterious triangular-shaped UFO has been seen in skies around the world.

“These people are not stupid, they are very intelligent, and they are not going to put their political career at risk,” Elizondo said, referring to the politicians who have recently stepped up to put the UFO issue at the forefront.

However, the former official of the secret AATIP program added that this material has not yet come to light because the data arrives in dribs and drabs and is unconnected, like the pipe of a building where some pipes need to be connected so that the information finally flows to the public. .

“Not only are there F-18 pilots filming these things, there may also be radar data obtained by the local Air Force base, or a nearby control tower, or by satellites looking at certain atmospheric conditions like NOAA. And all of this builds layers of information that must be assembled before presenting the full report to individuals who have security credentials,” he added.

Lastly, Elizondo pointed out that recently there were two more incidents between the Navy and UFOs that took place in different areas of operations.

When do you think these videos will be made public?

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