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The UFO phenomenon has been registered for decades around the world, with testimonies and documents about its manifestation. However, a large part of these reports come from authorities, both civilian and military. Among the various cases, there is the Official Night of UFOs in Brazil, which, despite being known, still hides surprising data. Jackson Luiz Camargo will be the speaker, exposing new information and analyzing what has remained hidden almost 36 years after its historic event.

There are thousands of UFO cases documented throughout history, some quite impressive. But, certainly, none of them involved so many direct witnesses, civilians, military and authorities, in addition to the magnitude of the phenomenon itself, either because of the number of objects observed or the vast area where they manifested. As if that were not enough, we still have official confirmation from the military, in an unprecedented and surprising posture, not only acknowledging the facts, but also making fighter pilots involved in the pursuit of these objects available to the press. However, despite the official recognition of the Official UFO Night in Brazil, not everything was revealed at that time and today, almost 36 years later, new investigations reveal data and facts hitherto unknown about this case, which is surely

The course “Revelations of the Official Night of UFOs in Brazil: The Most Important Brazilian UFO Occurrence Analyzed In Depth” will take place on August 27 and will be taught by Jackson Luiz Camargo. It will present records of the event, facts prior to the event, reports and records of the event, as well as the military actions and consequences of this surprising UFO manifestation. The registration fee is very attractive, only R$100.00.

the course teacher

Jackson Luiz Camargo is a professor of information technology. His interest in Ufology dates back to childhood, after having had some sighting experiences. In 1997 he founded the Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas Ufológicas de Curitiba (GEPUC) and is currently a member of the Center for Investigation and Exobiological Research (CIPEX) and a consultant for the UFO Magazine. It specializes in collecting ufological documents from several countries and has already obtained more than 80 thousand pages, most of which are available on its website, Portal Fenomenum , which also brings together the most important ufological cases in history. He had his books UFOs no Espaço e na Lua and A Noite Oficial dos UFOs no Brasil released by the UFO Library.

The instructor of the course, Jackson Luiz Camargo.
Source: UFO Magazine

What will be taught in the course

The course “Revelations of the Official Night of UFOs in Brazil: The Most Important Brazilian Ufological Occurrence Analyzed In Depth” is an initiative of the Brazilian Academy of Ufology, maintained by UFO Magazine. It has 4 modules of 90 minutes each, starting at 9:00 am and going until 6:00 pm with breaks. The student can ask questions as they go along, which the teacher will answer. It will be 6 hours of a lot of content presented for the first time. See the content of each module:

Module 01: Prior Facts

In the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, the Brazilian Armed Forces, especially the Air Force, recorded several UFO cases with military observers and experienced pilots as witnesses. These events produced abundant printed and audiovisual documentation, in addition to the creation of internal protocols for the treatment of the subject in the military environment. And this had a direct impact on the Air Force’s actions in the face of ufological phenomena recorded throughout 1986, notably on the so-called Official UFO Night. In this module we will learn about these previous aspects and how they guided the actions of the FAB on May 19, 1986.

Module 02: The Flight of UFOs

Over three decades, little was known about the Official UFO Night. It was from the release of reports and recordings from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and later witness statements that many unpublished details were discovered, making it possible to establish a more accurate timeline of the events that occurred that night. In the light of this new information, it was possible to clarify obscure or mistaken points. In this module we will address the unfolding of the events that took place that night, based on civilian and military testimonies.

Module 03: Authorities on Alert

One of the most interesting points about the Official UFO Night involves military actions to identify the origin or cause of the demonstrations taking place in the region of São José dos Campos (SP). Although most of the records made by the military on that occasion have not been released, we already know about the protocols adopted that night. In this module, we will approach these actions, we will see how the aerial intercepts were and we will know unprecedented details involving these actions.

Module 4: Later Facts

The great flight of UFOs on the night of the 19th to the 20th of May generated impacts in the Brazilian military, which ended up publicly acknowledging the facts. In the following days and weeks, the Air Force conducted an intensive investigation into these apparitions, while the national press reported on the occurrence. Interestingly, interesting, curious or suspicious events took place after that night, going unnoticed by the press, public opinion and ufologists themselves. In this module, we will address these later facts and how they influence the understanding of the phenomenon.

Watch above Jackson Luiz Camargo’s invitation to his course.

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