EMPHASISImages of alien bodies from Varginha could be the next UFO revelation

James Fox, producer of the groundbreaking documentary The Phenomenon (2020), says his team discovered images and videos of the Varginha aliens recorded by the Brazilian military. Will we have access soon?

This was revealed in a recent interview with Howard Hughes, where the filmmaker promoted his new documentary Moment of Contact and talked about the hard investigative work being carried out to try to unravel one of the biggest secrets about what is known as the Case. Varginha — where an alleged alien spacecraft crashed and its occupants were seen and captured by the military.

“We have never seen or heard testimonies about this incident from people who had direct contact with the unknown creature in broad daylight, and from people who later — after its capture — transported it to a military facility in Brazil where doctors performed various procedures. clinicians ,” Fox said. Faced with this statement, the interviewer asked the filmmaker and documentarian if he has any photographs that prove the testimonies about the creature in the incident.

After silence and a little suspense in the answer, he replied: “I’m trying to think of a way to answer this question to the public without exposing our contacts… movie, yes.” However, he clarified that said material is not yet in the documentary, but that they had access to it and offered a large sum to obtain it.

Watch above the excerpt of the interview with James Fox, activating subtitles, in which he reveals having seen material about the Varginha Case.
Source:  Project Unity

Finally, Fox stated that he was totally convinced that a UFO actually crashed in Brazil and that its occupants were captured, and that there are very strong testimonies about this that have reached North American soil. “We continue to investigate and develop this story, we want to know where these (alien) bodies ended up. We know who are in the United States and who has the authority to release this evidence to the public ,” he said.

“I don’t expect your audience to believe me, because I know it seems like something beyond the realm of credibility, but I promise you, after 30 years of racing, I wouldn’t jeopardize my reputation if I didn’t honestly think this happened . ” We wait, fingers crossed, for this material to be released.

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