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Captured Alien Being Communicates With KGB Agent Using Only Telepathy – He Asked For

The KGB was developed by the Soviet Union back in 1954 to be the ‘sword and shield’ of the communist party. This military force was created to both protect and advance the communism agenda. Since then, they have made progress in areas and been exposed in others. In 1991 the KGB was officially dissolved, then later brought back under the SVR, which is the Federal Security Service of the Foreign intelligence service.

While the KGB was in operation, there were a lot of stories of UFO ships, alien interventions and more. Russians believe in UFO’s at a far higher rate than Americans because it was a part of the Government for many years.

A Former KGB Intelligence Officer Had Captured An Alien

A former KGB agent filmed the footage you will see today. This agent was charged with capturing a variety of evidence from an investigation, and this is what he got during that day.

He went to into a hidden subterranean facility in a remote area and found a number of closed doors. According to him, recalling at the time, there were many strange noises made by what he called unidentifiable animals.

As a consequence of being in what you could call the right place at the right time, he was able to get access to the chamber where the alien was being detained at the time.

People around the KGB agent provided him with protective clothing and assured him that he was not in danger from the weakened and smaller alien.

He could hear the faint alien’s voice asking him to contact his superior, his supervisor and have him – the alien – removed from the jail where he was being confined when he arrived at the alien.

Remember the Blue Book Project’s Extraterrestrial Interview? The captive extraterrestrial seemed quite afraid at the time, he was out of his element and had nothing to protect him, and it was likely mistreated by base personnel at the time. Consider how he felt when he was abducted and sent to another world. That had to be quite shocking and scary.

Some believe that these aliens could actually be us from the future, and we should treat them with respect since we reverse-engineered their technology and used it to our military and tactical advantage. Maybe we owe them a debt of gratitude? Maybe not. Depends on the alien race and what they are keen on doing to humanity.

This is a video of the occurrence, which may be below here. For whatever reason the Brazilian Air Force claims it, when really it was the KBG. Why do you think that is? You’ll see the extraterrestrial at 8:30 p.m.

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