Mexican Air Force Pilots Captured 11 UFOs 8 Months Before US Navy Tic Tac UFO Encounter

For the past few years, UFO sightings have become a media sensation. The Pentagon has released the UFO footage and a report that concerns national security. The year 2004 was surprising for the US government as well as for Mexican Air Force, as both took clear shots of the unidentified objects in the sky.

The term “Tic Tac” is given to UFO captured by a Navy fighter jet from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. But the similar objects were also captured by Mexican Air Force pilots in March 2004 in the sky over southern Campeche state in Mexico. This incident happened eight months before the famous USS Nimitz UFO encounter.

The strange lights were filmed on March 5, 2004, by the Mexican pilots using infrared equipment.

A Mexican Defense Department spokesman confirmed that 11 strange objects were videotaped by the 5 pilots using an infrared camera that appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 3,500 meters. Some objects looked like sharp points of light while others like large headlights.

The fleet of UFOs appeared on the radar of the Mexican Air Force jet when the pilots were conducting a routine anti-drug trafficking surveillance flight over the coastal region of Campeche.

Radar operator Lt. German Marin said that he was a bit afraid because they had never seen anything like that. At the same time, Lt. Mario Adrian Vazquez, the infrared equipment operator said: “I couldn’t say what it was … but I think they’re completely real.” He insisted that the recorded images were completely authentic.

Plane’s radar operator Lt German Marin

The plane’s captain, Maj. Magdaleno Castanon said: “The military jets chased the lights and I believe they could feel we were pursuing them. When the jets stopped following the objects, they disappeared.”

“There was a moment when… the screens showed they were behind us, to the left and in front of us. It was at that point that I felt a bit tense,” Castanon noted.

Mexico is ranked seventh for the number of UFO sightings in the world. In the 1990s, a pediatrician recorded hundreds of white spheres, flying rapidly in the sky of Puebla. When the crew of UFO hunters investigated the pictures and videos of white spheres, they themselves saw these objects in the sky. According to the eyewitnesses, sometimes the objects stayed in one place for hours, but when somebody tried to record them, they disappeared.

White Spheres over Puebla, Mexico, 1994

Jamie Malson, an investigative reporter from Mexico City said: “I am convinced that something is going on in Mexico. Something that cannot be proved with reports of many, their videos or their photographs. They are many incredible photographs of UFOs that cannot be a mistake. That’s why scientists should look very carefully with an open mind.”

Similar white objects were seen by hundreds of people on December 15, 2017, above the Mexican capital. The five white balls stunned the Mexican people who watched the objects. Many believed they were UFOs.

Many UFO enthusiasts often see disk-shaped objects flying over the Colima Volcano in Mexico that has been erupting around 40 times since 1576.

In 2019, the local government placed a camera in front of the volcano to monitor its activities. Surprisingly, on December 21, 2019, a strange bright object was captured in the camera at the base of the volcano. Later, it landed on the other side of the volcano before vanishing from the screen.

UFO researcher Scott Waring wrote on his blog that the UFO was the size of a car. Additionally, he wrote: “This raw footage was recorded from the Colima Volcano live cam and shows a glowing disk object moving around, up, over, and down the volcano.”

Similarly, Popocatépetl volcano is another best spot in Mexico for UFO sightings. There are dozens of videos that clearly show UFOs flying over Popocatépetl volcano. YouTube user named Mizz Jade_Eye published several videos of UFOs flying over the volcano.


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