Really Interesting UFO-UAP Was Filmed Right Above Bakersfield, California

A youngster and his father witnessed and videotaped an organic UFO above Bakersfield, California on January 4, 2022. A worm-like unexplained flying object was spotted over a California community. These critters are known as Gusano in Mexico because they resemble big worms. They wiggle, twist, and spin in an unusual way.

The following is a thorough account of two witnesses: “As we were leaving the store to return home, I observed something odd.

“Initially, I assumed it was plastic bags or something similar. It seemed strange, like balloons, but it was different. As a result, I informed my father about it. And we stood there for a long time, trying to figure out what we were looking at.”

“We saw this item climb from around 1,000 feet to at least 15,000 feet in altitude.” These weren’t balloons, we’re sure. Due to the wind, the object remained immobile in the sky for a long period.

“Then, in the rising phase, it jerked upward and wriggled like a big worm.” It was a genuinely enigmatic thing. I’d be delighted to speak with someone and give a more detailed account of what happened. All I want is for someone to explain what we’ve seen. “Was it a biological UFO?” says the narrator.

The stabilized version is shown first, followed by the original in the video below.


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