Black Triangular Shaped UFO Was Recorded Hovering Over Pakistan

Unidentified flying objects have been terrifying people all over the world recently. A flying UFO was intercepted by an F-22 last week in Hawaii, and now footage from Pakistan’s capital has emerged on the network.

A weird flying spacecraft hovered over the city of Islamabad.

According to the video’s creator, an unidentifiable item hung for approximately two hours at one point.

He couldn’t figure out what kind of phenomena it was at first. However, with magnification, the shape of the object becomes evident — a triangle with a bulge at the top, similar to a person’s conventional thoughts about a UFO.

The author noted in the video’s description that he wasn’t sure if it was a UFO or not. He was convinced, though, that it was neither a bird nor a recognised aircraft in the sky.

The item itself was moving, although at a low pace, according to the eyewitness, however this was not visible on the video.

He was reportedly unable to pinpoint the time of the UFO’s disappearance since the Sun had set and it was impossible to detect a black object in the sky in the darkness.

Many conspiracy theorists congregated in the comments section of the video, which is unmistakably recognized as an extraterrestrial ship.

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