A Lot Of People Believe They Saw A Lot Strange UFOs Floating Right Above General Carrera Lake in Chile

The witnesses claim to have captured two black objects floating at a distance over the surface of General Carrera Lake in Aysén, Chile, on June 23, 2019, at 4:48 p.m. on film. We’re still waiting for their film to back up their claims because we’ve just seen a few photographs thus far.

The objects appeared to hover above the water, sometimes appearing and disappearing unexpectedly, according to witnesses who were aboard a boat throughout the sighting.

Along with these dark things, a little grey spherical unidentifiable item arrived out of nowhere, as did an orb of light that appears to soar over the lake. Some say the objects are buoys, but buoys don’t fly, vanish, and reappear.

Were the witnesses in fact witnesses to a UFO? More proof is required.

These occurrences have always been apparent in the Aysén region, according to Ysaac Wichmann, a climber with extensive experience of the area, in mountain ranges or at sea, on islands, canals, or archipelagos, and notably in unpopulated, lonely, distant, and difficult-to-reach regions.

While approaching a tiny island in the Aysén area on a Navy ship, a member of his family who served in the Chilean navy years ago experienced this phenomenon. Their objective was to construct a lighthouse to aid in navigation and direction for anyone passing through those waterways.

An oval metallic item soared vertically and gently approached the lighthouse until it reached a particular altitude, which they witnessed before reaching the tower. The item soared fast into the air and disappeared from view after a short time.

We need more proof since a few smudged photographs aren’t enough.


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