The UFO Department From Pentagon Will Coordinate Its Work With Researchers And UFO Hunters

Both scientists and government leaders are becoming more interested in UFOs.

Because cellphones with high-quality cameras are becoming cheaper everywhere in the globe, there has been a substantial rise in the number of reports of odd sightings in 2021.

Officials and the military do not provide clear solutions, while scientists prefer to explain such situations with simple reasons. However, in the United States, a new agency was established in 2021 to supervise the research of such events. But that’s not all. The new division’s work is described in full on the Live Science webpage.

A UFO report was issued by the US military in June 2021. Following that, Congress called for the creation of an official agency to perform “organized actions” to gather and evaluate UFO data.

Although the Aircraft Identification and Control Group, a new Pentagon agency, will not be engaged in the hunt for alien life, it will be responsible for supplying a wide variety of intelligence data as well as scientific and technical evaluations on UFOs.

One of the new department’s objectives will be to carry out a strategy to “examine scientific ideas relating to the features of UFOs.”

Furthermore, the United States has long attempted to build apparatus for detecting UFOs. Officials and scientists are also debating the best location for such equipment.

Project Galileo is one of the forthcoming activities managed by the new department. It will be used to look for alien technology in the vicinity of the Earth.

One of the goals of this study is to learn more about the nature of interstellar objects that don’t appear like comets or asteroids, such as ‘Oumuamua, the solar system’s first known interstellar visitor. Another job relates to the investigation of UFO sightings.

The Project Galileo research team includes almost 100 scientists. The first telescope for the new project will be erected on the roof of the Harvard College Observatory in the spring of 2022.

The issue is that there is now no clear coordination between the groups participating in equipment development for both the Galileo Project and the new Pentagon department’s activities.

Experts are optimistic that the situation will improve this year since a lot of Pentagon professionals have joined “Project Galileo.” Experts believe that by doing so, the two agencies will be able to better coordinate their operations and, as a result, identify the UFO.

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