There is an Advanced Civilization in The Inner Earth And I can Prove It – Hollow Earth and Agatha – Shamballah

Are you familiar with the phrase “Agartha”? According to Buddhism, it alludes to a subterranean realm with millions of inhabitants and several towns, including the capital Shamballah.

They are convinced that the Dalai Lama is the earthly embodiment of this world and that his teachings have been passed down via generations of Lamas.

According to the famed Russian painter Nicholas Roerich, Tibet’s capital is connected to Agartha’s immense city and capital, Shamballah, through a tunnel.

The entrance to this underground country, according to Roerich, is guarded by two Lamas who have vowed to keep strangers out.

The path to that world is incredibly difficult due to the narrow and complicated places going there.



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