Woman Becomes Pregnant After Contact With Alien Beings, Pentagon Report Says

According to reports documented in Pentagon records from the DIA, UFOs made intimate contact with humans, and one lady supposedly got pregnant as a result. A freedom of information request was used to get the report.

The Pentagon papers acquired by The Sun make several unusual allegations. Several witnesses believe the aliens had intimate interactions with humans, one of which resulted in a pregnant lady.

The paper, titled “Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Implications on Humans and Biological Tissues,” looks into the health effects of persons who have had paranormal experiences or who have been injured by anomalous sophisticated aircraft systems.

MUFON, a US research organization, published a list of the biological impacts of UFO experiences on individuals, which was included in the report’s “useful database.”

Strange incidents such as “apparent abduction,” “unreported pregnancy,” intimate encounters, telepathic experiences, and teleportation were mentioned in the study.

The research focuses on five UFO-human intimate interactions.

According to the paper, UFO encounters might cause witnesses to be wounded or suffer from radiation burns, mental issues, and nerve damage. Such facilities, according to the assessment, might constitute a “threat to US interests.”

“People were discovered to have received injuries from exposure to anomalous vehicles, notably in the air and in close proximity,” according to one remark in the study.

The injuries were linked to “energy propulsion systems” and were said to be caused by electromagnetic radiation. Radiation-induced heat and burns, brain damage, and the capacity to alter nerves were all cited as potential dangers.

Over 1,500 pages of DIA papers linked to the Pentagon’s covert UFO program, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, were included in the report (AATIP). Another text detailed how to categorize “abnormal conduct” — after meetings with “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves, and other legendary beings.”

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