Why Human Race Is NOT From This Planet – Evidence

Dr. Ellis Silver authored a controversial book in which he argues that humans are not indigenous to Earth, but rather evolved as a species on another planet and arrived 80,000 to 200,000 years ago on Earth.

“Humans Are Not From Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence,” is the title of Dr. Ellis’ book. Dr. Ellis thinks that spacecraft from the Alpha Centauri planetary system brought humanity to Earth.

In terms of their connection to the world, Dr. Ellis looked at the differences between humans and other species on the planet.

Humans are chronically unwell, he says, since their biological rhythms developed on another planet with different circumstances than Earth.

People seem to have a 25-hour rather than a 24-hour circadian rhythm. Humans do not support the sun as well as other animals on the planet. Another finding made by Dr. Silver in his book is that individuals seem to reject natural vegan meals automatically.

Please watch the film below, since we prepared a documentary video on this topic a few months ago, and our hypothesis is that humanity were exiled on Earth.

Also, the amino acids that lead to the development of life on Earth seem to have originated from space, maybe transported by meteorites or comets, hinting that life is rather common in the cosmos.


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