The 9,500-Year-Old Forgotten City of Dwarka Was Destroyed by A Mysterious Force Or Ancient Vimanas

In case you didn’t know, one of history’s most prosperous cities has been reported missing from the beginning of time. To this day, the lost city of Dwarka, also known as the Golden City in ancient chronicles, is regarded as one of history’s most significant losses. According to a number of specialists, however, this may no longer be the case.

The team of scientists found submerged buildings at the bottom of the Gulf of Cambay while scanning it from India. They closely mirrored the fabled location.

In 2002, at a depth of roughly 130 meters below sea level, the finding was found. The city was constructed as a shrine to the ancient Hindu deity Krishna.

According to most old scriptures, while the city was still inhabited, the God Krishna himself would wander among his worshippers and instruct them.

The city has also allegedly been flooded seven times, the most recent of which occurred recently.

It is a 9,500-year-old city that dates back to 7,500 BC. One of the finest discoveries of the twenty-first century, to say the least.

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