Greek Merchant Mariner Recalls Bizarre Bermuda Triangle UFO Incident

While operating onboard the vessel “Pothiti SWJC” off the coast of Bermuda in 1978, Greek Merchant Marine radio operator Polycarp Spentzas had an indescribably bizarre and memorable event, according to

But he wasn’t the only one who had seen these strange happenings in recent decades.

There have been a number of strange, unexplained, and unsettling occurrences in that famous area between Bermuda in the north, the Bahamas in the south, and Miami Florida in the west over the years, including the disappearance of twelve US Navy crewmembers on a seaplane patrolling there during WWII on July 10, 1945.

They had taken a training trip to Great Exuma in the Bahamas the night before from the Naval Air Station in Banana River, Florida. They were last heard from at 1:16 a.m. the following day, near Providence Island, at a location of 25.22N, 7734W. There has never been any evidence of the crew or their aircraft.

Another military flight, carrying 14 airmen, was lost later that year, and the jet sent out to attempt to find it, carrying thirteen troops, was also lost. According to some estimates, up to 155 individuals have died in the normally lovely, turquoise-hued stretch of water east of Miami.

The notorious hazards of that region (Bermuda Triangle) became personal for merchant mariner Spetzos in 1978, when he saw the bizarre happenings below while doing his routine responsibilities.

“We began from Porto Matanzas, Cuba, destined for Algiers, at an average pace of 11 miles,” he recounts. The officers on the ship’s bridge started to notice that the ship looked to be traveling at an abnormally fast pace just before 12 p.m. local time — although the instrumentation indicated a consistent speed of 10 to 11 nautical miles per hour.

“Because I was the radio operator, several of my coworkers originally assumed I had made a timing error.” However, this did not occur, and the ship proceeded to rip through the waves like a dolphin.

“At 12 o’clock,” Spentzas added, “the commander instructed the second officer to place a Pakistani sailor in command since he was not feeling well.” He couldn’t raise his arms, and his whole body felt heavy.

“As soon as the electrician came on the bridge, he was unhappy because he had observed that all the clocks on the boat had gone forward two hours.

“In addition, the helmsman was unable to maintain a stable course because the gyroscopic compass, which was insulated from electromagnetic fields, was spinning like a top!” As a result, he had to switch to autopilot, and we were able to keep a stable trajectory.

The sighting of a UFO.

“But the oddest of all was something that occurred a little after 5 p.m.,” the veteran merchant mariner continues. In the smoking room, the chef and I were playing backgammon when we suddenly glanced back and noticed a gigantic, white unidentifiable flying object in the sky to the left of the ship, i.e., the northwest side, only a few miles away. Then, to the west of the main one, two smaller flying objects arrived, one of which was joined to it. ‘American experiments,’ I supposed.

“I quickly left and went to the bridge, filled with dread, to inquire whether anybody else had noticed these strange gadgets.” No one seemed to notice. However, I was certain that something weird was going on with time and how we were being impacted by the UFOs’ speeding up their movements.

Spentzas elucidates “I checked my watch and saw that time had gone.” To fill in the calendar, I set the radio receiver to 500 KHz and heard Morse code — but it was unusually fast. I sent a time request signal to 15 MHz RWM (Radio Moscow), and the responding time signals came in far too soon — so quickly that I assumed it was the station’s problem.

The Greek crew and the Bermuda Triangle’s weird and unexplainable happenings

“I sprang from my seat, opened the chart room window, and gazed at the Captain.” I could use the Morse code, but I found that my hands couldn’t manage even five letters per minute, and walking to the transmitter chair took nearly two minutes.

“I’m upset,” I informed the captain, “because my hands aren’t functioning, and they won’t listen to me!” Nobody should touch the ship’s autopilot, he said.

“The following day, the staff was discussing the weird happenings that had occurred to everyone,” Spentzas said.

“A sailor grumbled that he didn’t have enough time to smoke after lighting a cigarette since it burnt so quickly.” Before going to bed, the Second Mate, who worked the midnight to four a.m. shift, had gone to his cabin and was cleaning his teeth. He abruptly exclaimed that the time had just changed to 23:40 and that he had no time to sleep.

“During that period, we all had bradycardia, or an unusually slow heartbeat, as well as hypothermia.”

“I have attempted to explain these strange happenings for years,” Spentzas told interviewers. The bradycardia and diminished crew reflexes, I think, are caused by a phenomenon known as ‘gravitational time dilation.’ The biochemical alterations in the human body’s metabolism were produced by gravitational waves (varyonia) released by the acceleration of a UFO for take-off and other maneuvers. According to Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein’s ideas, this process happens,” Spentzas concluded.

Whatever occurred that bizarre day in the Atlantic, it was seen by more than one individual. If any further proof of the strange events in this area of the ocean is ever discovered, only time will tell.

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